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    I made the mistake in the Raspbian buster lite not enable ssh in the file before loading the sd card. I had to connect to a monitor and enable during initial setup, after that it was working.


    I have an issue with my installation of OMV5 on a Raspberry Pi 4.

    NTP time server is not sending/receiving and system time is changing every boot.

    At first installation, OMV5 recognised it was in 'NZ' for timezone and I think it defaulted to ''. It was about half an hour behind time.

    I changed to Pacific/Auckland zone (I'm in Auckland). Next boot the system was 1 hour behind.

    Last night I checked again and it was registering 2am at 11pm.

    I'm guessing there is a network error somewhere that the NTP server is unable to be accessed. I have tried with and,, (0-3).

    From thread: Time doesn't stay updated

    I tired this through SSH:

    sudo service ntp status

    and got 'unit ntp.service could not be found'.

    I've got a feeling it might be a problem within network settings on the Pi.

    Good news is manually set time will hold, but not after being shut down and powered off at the wall socket.

    Thank you for any help :).

    Re-installation went quick. Back to a working state again.

    It was able to read the existing files that I put on the USB drive. It was copied through OMV in ext4 and had no problem.

    Another drive with some photos in NTFS it didn't like. That was then formatted.

    (These are USB memory sticks at the moment).


    Try refreshing/clearing your browser cache.

    Most browsers, go to the OMV webUI, Hold Cntrl and click the Refresh Button/Hit F5. Not sure about Edge, but I'm certain it works in Chrome and pretty sure it works with Firefox.

    If you want to test it w/o clearing your cache, Open a browser in privacy/incognito mode, and log into the webUI and see if the problem persists. If it is solved in incognito/privacy mode, you know it's just a cache issue, and the above should fix it.

    Unfortunately I'm still getting the problem across multiple browsers and cache cleared.

    As for mounting the drive, OMV should be able to mount any drive you plug into it. Just plug it in and go to the File Systems section and you should see the drive there. If it's NTFS, you really want to get it formatted to a Linux file system as NTFS works fine temporarily, but regular every day use, you'll start running into problems.

    If it's a Linux file system (ext3, ext4, etc..) unless you have set some weird permissions on it, you should be able to mount it and use it w/o issue.

    No. OMV is for NAS --> Network Attached Storage

    So the very basic functionality is to write, edit and delete files during operation.

    Maybe the Guide which is linked in my signature is helpful for you, if you have not seen it before.

    It's been used on a Windows machine so probably will have to format from NTFS to OMV's preferred system.

    I don't have another drive to copy files over to before I format. It won't hurt to grab another drive for a backup of things, i'm planning on getting another one anyway.

    In terms of what I have done so far; it's not a complete annoyance to reinstall. The drive is already in ext4 so I should be able to keep the test files currently on there.

    The shared folders are still usable, but i'll make an effort now before it becomes a hassle later.

    Hello, first post here. Thank you for this wonderful software :).

    Unfortunately I have run into an issue within my first week of operation.

    I'm running on a Pi 4 with OMV 5 and have been moving between locations, I have been shutting down OMV through the web interface. I've had the drive plugged in before startup.

    OMV was setup through Raspbain Buter Lite, via SSH with PuTTY. OMV was grabbed from GitHub 'raw/master'.

    wget-O -

    The issue is that any system configuration changes cannot be saved. I keep having 'Error #0'. See attachment.

    This seems to have happened when I was adding 'Mark_DTE_NAS' shared folder and then I couldn't successfully create the share within SMB/CIF. My first taught is a network error from the gateway.

    However, even though the prompt tells me that the changed failed to save, the new folder 'Mark_DTE_NAS' now appears in my Windows PC file explorer. I'm to write and read a video I copied.

    The other folder and shared 'Test-folder' was the first folder and share setup. This continues to work. I was even able to change access rights while this error prompted it could not be saved.


    This is my first introduction to a NAS. I've found it easy so far to setup, etc. I plan on getting a better HDD soon. Might just be easier to reformat the Pi's SD card and start again.

    Side note form this: During setup I remember formatting the drive, but can OMV handle only mounting the drive and retain any data previously on it?

    Thank you! :)