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    Hey guys thanks for your suggestions. I found out that my Asus router was running Dnsmasq and I could edit the config file to include the dhcp-boot parameter. This means that I am no longer using dnsmasq on my NAS.

    I have some strange behaviour when I use the plugin. When I download the preconfigured images the entries are not entered properly as you can see in the image. Any idea what causes this? Furthermore, when I look in the configfile pxelinux.cfg/default it looks like this:

    Do you guys have any idea what causes this?

    Is there any update on the resolving of DNS? I've installed to plugin to setup PXE booting but after a reboot my resolv.conf is overwritten and I cannot resolve any address on the internet.

    I run zfs in two VM, i don't have this problems that you mention

    That is indeed strange. I use it on a HP Microserver N54L. I did a clean install of OMV 1.7 and installed the ZFS plugin ( My pool is called Data and is mounted as /Data. Maybe someone else that can reproduce the problem?

    Not directly an answer to your question, but my suggestion would be to use the Sickbeard provided by the OMV Extras repository. This plugin is very easy to install through the web interface. It also gives you the flexibility of chosing a different fork for Sickbeard by providing an option to specify a GIT repository for the fork. I use this for example to use Sickrage (

    Hope this helps

    I did some digging around with regards to the collection of statistics for Disk Usage on a ZFS pool. It turns out that collectd was throwing the following errors:

    Dec 28 07:42:00 server collectd[2837]: Filter subsystem: Built-in target `write': Dispatching value to all write plugins failed with status -1.
    Dec 28 07:42:00 server collectd[2837]: rrdcached plugin: rrdc_update (/var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost/df-root/df_complex-reserved.rrd, [1419748920:2893754368.000000], 1) failed with status -1.

    I guess this error occurs due to the fact that the df plugin from collectd does not properly recognizes the ZFS file share. This can fixed by changing /etc/collectd/collectd.conf:

    <Plugin df>
    #MountPoint "/Data"
    FSType "zfs"
    IgnoreSelected false

    After this change the syslog did not throw the errors. However, the information page still did not show the stats for the ZFS pool. It turned out that the script /usr/sbin/omv-mkgraph did not properly generated the graphs for the pool. However the rrd database df-Data was properly created in the folder var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost. The culprit is this part of the script, because there is no sub folder inside df-root:

    I altered this code to:

    Now the statistics work again. However, this fix is not ideal since I manually added the df-Data part.

    I love the plugins in the plugin repository!

    I do have a request for the Transmission Bittorrent plugin. Transmission has support to use a postprocessing script for completed downloads. This can be added to the settings.json file through the folowing parameters:
    script-torrent-done-enabled: Boolean (default = false) Run a script at torrent completion
    script-torrent-done-filename: String (default = "") Path to script

    However, when I add these to /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json it is overwritten when the daemon is being restarted. Would it be possible to add the possibility to set these parameters through the WebGUI?