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    I recently changed from OMV4 to OMV6 when I saw that OMV5 was about to reach end-of-life. I had the same issue with being unable to connect from an XP 'live' CD running Acronis True Image when trying to image my XP machine. Adding the line: server min protocol=NT1 into the SMB/CIFS Extra Options allowed to connect again but, sadly, the peformance is abominable. Every other hardware/software component is exactly the same as it was with OMV4 but now it takes 8-12 times longer to save a partition than it did then. Using FTP also works but it splits archives into 2GB chunks leaving me with lots of separate files.

    Are there any performance tweaks to make imaging work as well as it did before?


    I have just installed OMV 6 on a PC and I sign on with the 'admin' user. I get the prompt saying the Dashboard has not been configured. I apply the settings and Save. The next time I reboot the PC I have to start again. This happens EVERY TIME I reboot ie the Dashboard settings are never kept. Correction - almost every time. Is this right?

    Thank you for putting the Stable and Testing buttons on the download page. This has made things much clearer.

    I came to log onto the WebGUI this afternoon and after typing in the details the logon dialogue returned with empty fields. I used omv-firstaid to change the password three times but it still doesn't allow me to log on. I tried the suggestions above to no avail. I'm locked out of my own NAS.

    Can anyone help me to fix this, please?