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    We would have to post all Debian bugs?

    No, but at least where we can find a known bug list? and if we can fix.

    I asked if you tried the proxmox kernel. DId you? What posts? I have no idea what you are referring to with grub settings. I already mentioned the bad state ftp is in due to the Debian package. And what web-gui issue. You need to be more specific.

    Yes, no change.

    I'm searching using the forum here where i can fix things.

    For the grub issue, for example, i found a fix:

    - Disconnect the data drive

    - Boot into OMV (no data drives connected)

    - On the command line, type update-grub

    - shut down

    - connect the data drive

    - boot up

    For the FTP i need manually disable and renable the service after every reboot.

    The Web-gui problem is that sometimes it block in an endless loop with the apply change notification...

    Re-write OMV 5 to not use saltstack or don't use a slow system or just accept it. Configuration management tools aren't super fast. Make more changes before clicking apply. Then you have less slow downs.

    I see, nevermind i will deal with it...

    There are hundreds (thousands?) of people using omv5 without any issues. Considering the amount of issues I have seen, I had no problem with OMV 5 being released and have been recommending it. If there are that many bugs, I'm not seeing them but what do I know.

    The forum is full of topic with my same problems, some of the i've fixed, other seems at moment unfixable...

    Thanks for the help and dedicated time mate.

    Hopefully debian associated problems and other things will be fixed as soon possible....

    In primis very very thanks for the help mate!

    None of those problems are caused by OMV. They are all an issue with Debian.

    To have known before I would have spared myself a lot of headaches

    What is it hanging on? Did you try the proxmox kernel (install with omv-extras)?

    It seems also a problem even with grub settings, ftp and web-gui looking at recent posts.... (and I can confirm)

    The slowness is not a bug. That is caused by the switch to saltstack that is doing much more.

    And some issues are caused by running on desktop grade hardware.

    Is there a fix, please?

    You do release OMV 5 hasn't officially been released, right? I'm guessing a lot of those posts have had their issues fixed by now.

    No, i've even double checked in the sougeforge if this release is labelled as beta, but i don't see any info about the stage of the release...

    And i'm reffering at the current bugs and problems listed in the past hours...

    I don't want to sound controversial, I know the whole project is in one person's hands, and version 5 was highly anticipated, but it's really a shame to blow it all up because of this release which can very well be considered as an alpha at this point ...

    I've been using omv for years and I really consider it a great project, but thinking of those who try this software for the first time running into my own problems (and apparently I'm not the only one) does nothing but make a bad publicity (unfair! )

    At least label the OMV5 as unstable beta until lots of things are fixed...

    I'm trying to install the latest release of OMV 5 on my q1900m new build, but they are 3 days of nightmare...

    First problems was the dhcp blue screen bug during install, after a ftp bug (services start but with red icon, you nedd to restart the service every time after a reboot), now the system hangs for no reason after reboot, some weird webgui bugs (like apply changes loop and slownes) seriusly, this release (the 5.3.9 x64) was a really mess for me... (and i found lots of topics with my same behavior). It seems that this release is very unstable....

    Intalled the latest v4 version no problems....||