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    I am still facing this issue and for me it is link to dhcpcd and docker.

    But unable to find root cause and to confirm, two majors impacts are:

    • omv lost network after any kernel or docker update and a reboot. Only omv-firsaid can solve it, sad for a headless server.
    • docker locates network configuration into containers in default bridge mode. It generates docker internal DNS issue.

    FYI docker issue 488

    Any idea on it? don't wanna run a new OMV5 full install with all configuration

    Config : OMV5 running headless on J5005 motherboard, dual HDD as storage and SDD with BOOT, OS and DATA partitions
    + behind router with static NAT/IP and duckdns/NO-IP

    + docker and portainer installed from OMV plugin with multiple docker compose stacks (bazarr, duckdns, duplicati, glances, heimdall, jackett, letsencrypt, ombi, openvpnas, plex, pyload, radarr, rdesktop, sonarr, tautulli, ..)

    Same thing here, after every huge update (like new kernel), OMV 5 lost network (no more interface available) and can only be set up back using omv-firstaid.

    Any idea?

    WebUI got good network configuration.

    No exotic hardware.

    Maybe it is related to docker install but no sure.