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    OMV 5 is released.

    If you upgrade OMV 4 to OMV 5 your existing dockers should be fine. All 14 of mine carried over without any problems.

    Cockpit is not the only GUI for managing dockers in OMV 5. Portainer is also an installable option.

    Thanks a lot!


    Since the OMV4 would be EOL, I would like to confirm if OMV5 is "recommended" to be installed now instead of OMV4?

    I am running a lot of Dockers on OMV4, so what's the best way to migrate those settings to OMV5?

    I tried OMV5 and found that Docker management graphical UI is not integrated in OMV5 admin page. I read the reason above. So is the cockpit now the only GUI for managing Docker in OMV5? Is there an alternative that I could manually install instead? Because I can't find enough configuration means by using cockpit .