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    Every time my server reboots, it starts in emergency mode.

    Can't SSH in, but physical log in -> mount -a -> exit and it starts normally.

    Something is causing ~weekly restarts, but intentional reboot also results in emergency mode.

    It's a 40 minute round trip drive each time for 5 seconds of typing, incredibly frustrating.

    Server is on fresh install of OMV 5.0, with pooled & encrypted data drives - this machine previously ran OMV 4 (with pooled & encrypted data drives) and Proxmox without issue.

    Two questions:

    - How to SSH in to emergency mode?

    - How to stop it from booting into emergency mode? (if mount -a -> exit continues boot as normal, maybe some sort of drive/controller time out issue on boot? Didn't have issues before moving to OMV 5.0)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    yes, revise options (policies) in the plugin.

    Hi raulfg3,

    Thanks for quick response! I did check policies in both plugins before posting - "Didn't see anything that looked like this in "Create policy" for either plugin."

    I see variants on these policies:

    - Existing path

    - First found

    - Least free space

    - Least used space

    - Most free space

    - Newest file

    - Random

    None of these seem to apply to prioritizing a specific drive (ex. 'always write to dev-disk-by-label-example'). Am I missing something in the plugins?

    I will look in depth at the mergerfs documentation.



    Hello all,

    Setting up drive pooling on fresh OMV5 install, picking between "mergerfs folders" or "Union Filesystems" plugins. Can either of these always write to a specific drive(/folder) unless that drive(/folder) is full?

    Looking for something like write caching - focus my writes on an SSD that's part of the drive pool, run a script to move it off cache regularly. Didn't see anything that looked like this in "Create policy" for either plugin - perhaps there's some configurable way to do this in the underlying (FUSE?) filesystem?

    Alternatively - is SSD write caching available in OMV, and I'm a doofus who couldn't find it? :saint:

    Thanks in advance!