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    In practice I want OMV to stay ON when there's active traffic thru the SMB sessions from the local hosts(clients) but go OFF if the only detected network traffic is for example, between a local OMV qbittorrent portainer app and Internet hosts.

    Is it possible to have it showdown only when two conditions are simultaneously met?

    According to the plugin flowchart I can't see how I'd implement it.


    • Move my noisy NAS-type HDDs outside my living room(PC). Both the Seagate NAS and WD Red have a metallic sounding spinning noise that I can't stand any more.
    • Lower power consumption by 20-30 watts when watching a film off those hdds (my desktop is using 40-45 watts in idle).

    Normally only the right door is left ajar (its natural position anyway :D). A more elegant solution will be considered in future.

    What I used:

    (only new parts were mobo, ram and psu)

    • Motherboard: Asrock J4105-ITX

    Only 4 SATA ports. Enough for now but on the long term I might get a PCIe-SATA card for extra 2 or 4 ports (4 might be a stretch with only 1 pcie lane available).

    • RAM: 1x 8GB Corsair CMSO8GX4M1A2133C15
    • Boot SSD - Intel 530 120GB
    • HDDs: 1x Seagate NAS 2TB + 1x WD Red 2TB. Will probably add a 6TB or 8 TB one later.
    • Case: Cooler Master Silencio 550 + Scythe 120mm fan

    • PSU: Be Quiet TFX POWER 2 300W (80 Plus Gold)

    I really geeked it out here!

    I wanted to get energy efficiency close to what commercial NAS-es get so I rummaged the Internet for "high efficiency at low load" ATX PSUs (I'm reluctant to try pico-psu types).

    So I got this PSU specifically because it was touted as having very high efficiency even at low loads (see this review:…bequiet-tfx-sfx-300w.html)

    Of course I had to improvise a bit to install a TFX psu in an ATX case (drilling a few holes and using a metal bracket, plus a cardboard "shroud" (since they're in fashion anyway, lol) to cover any open spaces and direct airflow.

    Alternative PSUs I've considered:

    -Silverstone ST30SF v 1.0 (not v2!) - 80 Plus Bronze - cheaper but somewhat lower efficiency figures:…-sfx-300w-power-supply/3/

    -Corsair SF450 - 80 Plus gold/platinum, same or better than the BQ but more expensive.…f450-450w-power-supply/3/

    The results:

    Power consumption (AC 230V, with a cheap power meter):

    -Idle (boot SSD only): 10-11 watts

    -Idle (2 HDDs spinning but idle): 16-17 watts

    -One active read from 1 HDD (aka watching a film): 16-17 watts (yes, same as idle)

    -Data transfer on both HDDS + heavy network activity: 19-23 watts

    Max Temperatures I've seen, heavy transfers and network traffic (in the closet, one door slightly open)

    - HDDs: 37C and 39C

    - CPU: lower 50s

    Things might change in the summer when I'll get an extra 5C in the room. Thinking of a vent in the shelf above to help the warm air go to the upper shelf.

    Extra things I've learned:

    • The more "desktop" alternative would've been an Intel B360/H370 mobo with a Celeron/Pentium CPU. Would have gotten an extra 5 watts of power consumption but 6 SATA ports out of the box
    • NTFS writes are horribly slow in Linux? I was getting 50-60 MBs from 1 HDD to another. After converting to EXT4 I'm getting 110-120, double and close to the max for Gbit LAN anyway
    • I tried a SATA-USB adapter for the boot SSD in order to have an extra SATA port available. To my disappointment this ate 2 extra watts which is as much as I'd assume a pcie-sata adapter would use (according to official specs)
    • LSI/SAS adapters seem nice but their power consumption is more in the range of 5-10 watts which would defeat one of the purposes of my build
    • PSU 80 plus gold is not enough, it also need to be lower power and not overkill! Even 80Plus Platinum only has requirements for 10% load. So At 5% load, a 450W psu , giving 22-23 watts, would be less efficient, more in the range of 75, rather than 80+. With Bronze it gets worse, dropping even under 70.

    EDIT: I found this auto-install script which solved my problem:…-Developers/installScript

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