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    can you use btrfs for the data disk ? and will there be any plugin for manage btrfs Eg: snapshot and muti disk and will it be support like btrfs or any guide?

    hi this is my first post here

    just to tinker around I install ubnutu 20.04 on my test computer and try to use ubuntu 19.10 install script on it

    i have encouter an error where php-pam is broken when i try to install it manually i was greed with this error

    php-pam : Depends: phpapi-20180731 but it is not installable

    i am ware that it is not officaly support but this is for fun. i have done some googleing and found nothing about php-pam. is it a custom software? or is it dependency problem in ubuntu 20.04, can you provide me with a basic idea of what is the software called php-pam? Because phpapi is suppose to be install automatically when you install php maby this is a probem with php5?

    many thanks