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    Well that's me soundly beaten in the power draw game.

    My server is my old main machine, Intel DH77EB with a G2020 and a 240GB msata on the board.

    Power was from a 192w pico psu.

    The last power test I did on it returned 19w while web trawling and playing browser games.

    The only fan in it was the Intel standard on the chip.

    Ran cold and silent.

    That's now been re-purposed as my server with the addition of 3 WD green 3TB drives set to spin down after 30min of idle.

    Well, after 24 hours of going round in circles, I've finally got flashmemory installed.

    One of the big things I've learned over the years with Linux is that unless you are told to change something, don't.

    Nobody mentioned that to get flashmemory to show up, you have to turn testing repo on.


    Another new user here (don't understand half of what you put).

    Has the boot drive designation changed between installation and 1st boot?

    As per recommended I unplugged the data drives for install, that left the boot drive as sda.

    Reconnecting the data drives before 1st boot which moved the boot drive to sdd which OMV failed to find.

    11 installs later, looks to be stable.

    Solution was to leave all the drives connected, just don't select the wrong drive to install to.