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    Routing SMB/CIFS over the public internet is a terrible idea, so much so that many ISPs block the ports used by the protocol - UDP ports 137 & 138 and TCP ports 139 & 445. If your ISPs (both ends) allow it you can try forwarding those ports, but be advised this is dangerous from a security aspect and your server could be compromised.

    If you really must do this, set up a VPN and tunnel the traffic that way.

    After posting I just read that SMB/CIFS is not secure, so I think they're gonna have to sick with SFTP and Filezilla. Out of curiosity how do I tunnel the traffic through a VPN?

    So my family wants to transfer over music files back and forth on my OMV RPi3 and they're able to do that using sftp and FileZilla however, they want to be able to mount the music shared folder on the server in Finder. I was able to do that with my father's Macbook by just having him connect to the server by entering the private IP of the OMV server which is located in the same house, but when they open Finder > Go > Connect to Server, and enter in the public IP or the domain name (using DuckDNS) into the hostname field prefaced with smb://, they still can't connect. I have SMB/CIFS enabled, the music folder is under shares and is enabled, it is browseable, and guests are allowed. What am I missing? How can I do it? Is there a port I have to forward? Is there something I have to do under smb/cifs?

    I got OMV 5 running on my raspberry pi and I'm trying to give access to my 2 uncles that want to trade music files with my father. After some searching I landed on using Filezilla and I have enabled SFTP . Being new to OMV I found myself using a video from TechnoDadLife on how to install and use Filezilla but I'm having trouble using portainer. The video uses Docker but a docker-gui plugin that seems to be unavailable for my current version of OMV. I read that Portainer essentially does the same thing that the docker-gui plugin does but I followed the video and documentation for using both Portainer and Filezilla and performed the Portainer equivalent to what I saw in the video, in addition to entering in the shell commands for Filezilla when the Portainer method does not work, but I had hit a wall. One of the steps has me open Filezilla using my ip address with a port number of my choosing or simply type in or click the link that is under Published Ports in Portainer in the container list, however when I try either of these methods I'm brought to a page that says "the site can't be reached". I refresh the portainer page or reload the container list and the container has stopped running. Does anyone know where I went wrong or how to get Filezilla running on OMV 5?