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    Hi - I am going to build my first NAS and after a lot of research, I will use BTFRS. I'm a noob on NAS and Linux file systems. I gather from the OMV documentation that you can't create multi-device file system through the web interface. It says to add devices to the BTFRS array in CLI. Does that mean you have to create a one-device fs 1st in the web interface, and then add other devices in CLI?

    I gather that there are a number of fs management functions that OMV does not handle for BTFRS. Is there a list of those somewhere, or a list of the functions OMV does handle for BTFRS?

    Thanks cabrio_leo and Adoby.

    I have a good iMac, iPad and laptop and a lot of documents, music, pictures etc. I want a NAS to give all my devices easy access, and also help me to have a solid back-up system.

    I did a Raspberry Pi 4 Kodi build, which is a great success. Then I saw posts about NAS builds on the Pi 4 using OpenMediaVault. My original idea was to do a simple Pi NAS with a couple of 3TB external USB drives I have, and migrate to a better server if necessary. I saw information about the Radxa Quad SATA hat for the Pi 4, using it with OMV. My concern was that the drives would all connect to the Pi via a single USB 3 connection. But looking at drive enclosures I see that they all connect to the server via a single USB or eSATA cable.

    In any case, I want an enclosure and 3 or 4 NAS drives that will be solid and I can connect to whatever server build I end up with. That’s what prompted my questions.

    On the server I’ll use software RAID, probably ZFS, and OMV.

    I am planning a home OMV NAS build with 3-4 hard drives in an enclosure connected to a Debian server with software RAID using ZFS. Looking at available drive enclosures, there are enclosures specified as RAID enclosures and other models as non-RAID enclosures. I assume the RAID enclosures would be both redundant and possibly incompatible with software RAID. My questions, as an obvious newbie, are:

    • if the RAID enclosures are not necessary but also not incompatible, would they offer any advantage for my build?
    • the non-RAID enclosure descriptions say "Single Mode" -- what does that mean?
    • do drive enclosures need to provide/support multiple physical connections to the server for performance?

    I'll be very grateful for advice.