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    Anyway, i decided to use some workaround with hard coded ressources and no browsing throgh the network.

    Sadly i am not familar with this network stuff to fix the problem by myself.

    Maybe it depends on port 111, 694 or 2049, some firewall rules, missing services or something else.

    i also think about replacing NFS through SMB, because it just works in heterogeneous environments ootb.

    And thx to the OMV devs: great peace of software, helps me a lot and it is without adware:…ment_every_time_i_log_in/


    I am able to access a share directly if i use the full path e.g. //Server/export/test

    But i am not able to browse the network ressources like showmount -e does.

    Without the possibility to browse the ressources you are not able to bowse through the "network-directoy", because there is no "root-entry".

    As an example:

    i do not know, if you are aware about KODI.

    There is some functionality to use network ressources and you have to browse from the root to the share:

    open network -> NFS -> Server -> export -> test

    If "Server" is missing, you are not able to switch to the next stage (export).

    There are ofc workarounds, but mostly they have disadvantages.

    I am not that interested in solving installation goodies instead of solving real problems, but let me try to explain:

    after installation the machine will be rebootet by the OMV-installer.

    You now have to remove your installation device (usb-stick or whatever) and plug your hot plug drives befor the server restarts.

    if you miss this timeslot, the OMV-installer starts again and your share drives are still disconnected.

    A better solution could be a request to the user: do you like to restart or shotdown your system?

    I woluld prefer "shutdown" instead of "reboot", because i have to disconnect the usb-stick an mount my hard drives - they are not hot pluggable.

    the actual install process force me to

    a) disconnect the powerline...

    b) wait till the server is up and shutdown the machine...

    ...before i am able to plug my drives. I am not a friend of installing devices with real data inside and my Servers are small business machines, who need some minutes to boot up.

    Just my 2 cent to improve the UX:thumbup:

    But again: i would love to see someone, who can help to solve my issue:)

    I decided to make a great update on network and server. OMV was on 3.x so ist was time to go ahead.

    A clean installation was prefered, but after many hours of installation and configuration i realized, that NFS wasn't working.

    Google couldn't help me and after two days i decided to ask the guys who know linux and OMV that much.

    How to reproduce?

    Download the latest image and make a fresh install of OMV (5.3.9).

    After the installation (little hint to votdev: option for shutdown or reboot would be nice!) update all packages.

    Install "sharerootfs" so you can make a share from the one and only drive of the server.

    Add a shared folder without any permissions (everyone read/write). Apply and OK.

    Go to NFS and enable the service (again apply and ok).

    Add a share without any permission (clients:, rw, subtree_check, insecure <- default values) - apply and OK.

    Reboot the server (or leave it and just try immediatly).

    Login as root and try showmount:

    showmount -e

    -> /export/test1

    -> /export

    On a Windows 10 machine try:

    showmount -e

    -> out of time

    If you try the following, all work fine:

    showmount -e Server

    -> /export/test1

    -> /export

    mount works fine:

    mount -o anon \\Server\export\test1 z:

    -> connected

    Same behaviour on Linux and Android, but i am just a command-line-noob so i used KODI-Installations and tried to add sources. NFS browsing didn't work, the workaround throug zeroconfig works. Also a direct link to the source works (nsf://Server/export/test1).

    I am not familar with nsf services, tried votdevs hints from another topic ("omv-salt deploy run nfs" and "omv-confdbadm read --prettify"), but without errors (service already running and output looks like i configured the share) and it also did not solve the problem.

    /etc/export looks good:

    /export/test1 172.16.00/16(fsid=1,rw,subtree_check,insecure)

    Any idea?

    THX in advance:thumbup: