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    Well, because of your post... I decided there was no choice but to kidnap Aaron. He is now locked in my basement and soon I will begin pumping him full of Starbucks and Methamphetamine. I can't guarantee his work will be accurate.. but it will done.

    Serious.. cut the guy some slack. He's got a real job to you know. I think the progress he's made is pretty freaking amazing considering most of these plugins were a complete rewrite.


    And of course you can make a donation to your (and his!) liking.

    If we helped, click here

    This link is not working for me... shows a 404 page...

    Yet: I also would like to contribute and would be glad if I can find somewhere valid credentials where I can do a PayPal or whatever payment in order to give a little bit back. I know votdev and ryecoaaron (and others) are putting a lot of effort into the development and are not asking for anything (which is very kind and humble) but I do believe that a post / link where regular users like me could just make a little donation would facilitate the whole process ;)

    So: could somebody help me out?

    Edit: Found this page in the meantime:

    Is that the correct link for donations and does everybody who is involved in this beautiful project get something out of this?

    +1 with an error that the File name is too long (and I am not using capital characters) while restart the mergerfs Pool.

    It's no big thing at the moment as I am running MergerFS in fstab anyway without the plugin but just wanted to give it a go...

    Well OMV6 progressed to "Release candidate" maturity on 8Nov (see announcement in blog)

    As your are not sharing details about the email service provider I'd guess gmail and have to ask if all documented notes here have been considered?

    I did indeed miss the RC flag, but the problem remains the same. I flipped through the Changelog but could not identify any changes that were made with the notification system.

    And yes, I was setting it up with a gmail account but could also give a different address a try.

    As OMV6 ist still in Alpha I did not want to open a new thread,

    BUT: I cannot get notifications working on the OMV6 instance. I have put exactly the same info as in OMV5 but even the testmail is not sending...

    The Scheduled Jobs are working fine but I just would love to get an email what has been done and if it was successful or not :)

    Sorry for refreshing that "very old" thread again but I am struggeling with one thing:

    I would like to unlock more than 1 disk on startup with an USB stick. In my case I have 5 disks. It does indeed unlock the drives successfully but then the usb drive interfers with the names and mountpoints.

    My drives are sda - sde and after having them decrypted they should map on sda-crypt - sde-crypt accordingly.

    On boot the fstab is not working the devicelist "in a row" so it is likely that the usb stick occupies /dev/sdc and then it messes up with the additional mountpoints etc. so that for example mergerfs does not load properly either.

    Is there a nice and decent way to get this solved? A delay maybe? Or can I make the usb stick recognised by the system as always sdf for example?

    There is nothing preventing you from configuring mergerfs by hand in fstab. I have always done it this way so I don't need the plugins. The way I have it setup I have been able to add new disks over the years and not had to change the mergerfs configuration at all.


    After mooving to OMV6 I have gone the same route with MergerFS and also LUKs which I installed and configured by hand. It's not difficult at all once you put the effort to read through the docs. Advantage to me: I do not have to rely on OMV but can configure these things outside.

    So, I am still struggeling with that issue. I am able to successfully shut down my helios64 and after 1:48hs it does magically boot itself up again. Then I got the above mentioned error messages via email:

    And the second one

    Unfortunately I am still unable (or too stupid) to find the reason why the machine comes up by itself (and unwanted of course). I downloaded the logs but do not exactly know where to look...

    hm, unfortunately I could not solve this issue so far. My machine seems to shutdown correctly but comes up again after an hour or so...

    Anybody an idea where I have to look? Or could it be a different issue?

    I have a smiliar issue when trying to poweroff my Helios64. Instead of power off I got the following message:

    Anybody with a hint how to solve that issue? Would love to power off my machine correctly to be honest.


    Found the hints in the forum itself (which I did not in the first place...). To be found here:

    RE: rrdcached service, running/not running, does not exist?

    All devices are connected directly to my router. Applied these settings and noticed a drop from 20MB/s to about 7MB/s. I'm getting gigabit speeds on pretty much everything outside of SMB.

    What computer are you working with? I am with a mac environment at home and after upgrading to macOS Big Sur the smb became unusable for me. I am back with AFP and this works reliable and fast.

    This is also a common sign that your OS drive has failed.

    Just a quick heads up: I am with a Helios64 and the most recent kernel bricked the emmc. It's a known issue now... workaround would be a roll back to an older kernel then it should be accessable again.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I dug a little bit and some say that this is also a sign of a slowly dying device... in my case a EMC. Bit strange though as it isn't old at all...

    Getting a distro on live cd would not really solve the thing as I cannot get the device it out easily... I might setup OMV from scratch rudimentary just to access all my shares again and do some finetuning later on the weekend... anyhow I will definitely go the sd-card route again because of backing up everyhing way easier...

    I am currently struggeling with solving a similar issue.

    After an update my OS Drive is write-protected and I cannot get it writeable with the remount,rw command. At the moment I am kind of lost... I cannot get into the fstab and I cannot access the WebGUI.

    The boot partition is only 32% used so that shouldn't be the culprit...