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    is headphones still in use the latest release was in 2018 ?( but people are still talking about it if i search the web about it.

    i want to use it because it is exactly what i been looking for and it also has a suggestions section and can use musicbrainz.

    is there perhaps something like headphones that a person could use?

    hi there all

    my omv has been running for a while now and been running well providing a smb share on my local network. i have 3 users currently, myself in the adm and user group and the other two users are just in the users group

    for privileges i'm set to read/write on all drives and the other users are set on read-only

    in acl "I" only have values set by read/write and nothing by the other users .... what i want to do is not allow folders/files to be moved from one folder to another to prevent folders from missing or the mistake of "select drag and drop" on the server itself but to allow copy from the server to another device with in the local network environment.

    another idea i would like to have is to have a sort of monitoring tool to see what the users are doing in a effort to see perhaps network usage or other things

    many thanks for your input

    ok so with some reading ... i actually need to create the appdata and config folders in my shared folders section and use that absolute path.

    i dont really want to have that setup on my raid though

    or shall i just use the raid ? through i have newly bought 32gig usb that i can use aswell ?

    i'm thinking that the usb is a better idea ?

    Hey all

    I have been busy installing plugins using Portianer/docker I got netdata working just fine then I then hit a wall the next plug-in wanted the /config bath but I didn’t make either config or appdata while first setting the system up.

    Is there away a make these folders with out having to start from scratch again

    My set up

    500gig ssd for omv

    4 x 8tb nas drives in raid 5 for smb local file sharing

    So I installed netdata which went well and then wanted to install heimdall but then got lost on the volumes section on site is it “volumes: - </path/to/appdata/config>:/config” , in my omv the docker is showing “/var/lib/docker”

    Anyway Iam trying to get heimdall working

    There are two types of RAID5 users; those with back up and those without backup. I'm going to hope you're in the former category. If you don't have backup, maybe you could get a cheap workstation and throw those 4TB drives into it and set up a backup server for the data you want to keep. OMV will boot from a USB thumbdrive so the WS would only need 3 SATA ports. Most MOBO's, even the cheap ones, have at least 3 SATA ports.

    If you shut down your backup server (cold backup) and only bring it once a month or so to replicate, the older 4TB drives will, for most part, stop aging.

    Yes Sir Iam planning that the 4tb can be the backup ... so yes I will be copying for the next few days it seems and while doing that seeing what needs keeping and what doesn’t. But yes I do have a backup

    hey guys ... i went with the raid5 option in omv eventually ... decision was made out of pure lazyness lol ... basically a while ago i bought a hp gen10 microserver x3216 and had it set up with 3 4tb drives for filesharing at home with smb. i then wanted to retire those same 4tb drives so i went and bought 4x 8tb nas drives and they been staring at me for a long time lol ... so at the moment i got the gen10 humming away while i copy over the data onto the new drives and will have the data on the 4tb drives as backups ... what i mean is the data will remain on the 4tb drives ie iam copy pasting not cut n pasting lol

    i dont know if it is the best solution for my use but yeah ... i have turned on the S.M.A.R.T. options in omv

    hi all

    i recently bought 4 8tb nas drives that i want to use to setup a raid5 ..... so 3 data/content drives and 1 for recovery

    i have been following the video Snapraid and Unionfs: Advanced Array Options on Openmediavault (Better than ZFS and Unraid) and i also found this link SnapRAID plugin User Guide - setup, undelete, replace disk, reconnect shared folders

    i'm just abit confused about something ..

    in omv i must not go to raid management and create the raid5 ?

    my goal is to create a raid5 and have about 5 folders with various content in those folders , that i will need to copy over to my nas once the setup is done

    and then i want to share those folders over my home lan. i had this setup working before when i had 4 drives in my nas that i shared individually ... those same drives ntfs as now going to be my backup or rather original copies of what i have and my nas will be well then daily box in use. i thinking to use nfs sharing this time around rather then smb ... anyway

    in my mind i was thinking well create the raid5 and then create a user and then map out the share to my laptop and then just create the required folders and start copying everything over

    Or shall I try Plex again ? Perhaps I gave up to fast I don’t know. I don’t know if it was the transcoding but been using smb for a while now and it all just works great

    Hi all

    Not sure where to post this but Iam hoping that perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

    So I got omv installed and got a local network smb share running and we use it for watching stuff on our phones ect , but I don’t like how everything needs to be explored and read in folders. Iam looking for some sore of plugin or something that will look up info on files and show cover art and such things ie movie database IMDb rottin tomatoes ect ect Even would be awesome with Trakt also working along with it. So perhaps something that is already supporting Trakt and does all this other things ? I have been looking now and then when I have time just my searches aren’t coming up with much.

    And no nothing like emby or Plex or jellyfin I tried the all before I setup the smb and they just gave issues

    good day all

    i hope you are all well in these times :-)

    i have slowly been building my own smb local share and it is working in a way where if i want to access the share on my phone i just need the ip and username and password. i did try emby and plex and jellyfin but they not working out as i wanted but that is another story.

    so basically if i access my smb share with windows explorer i can view and open files and play files buttttttttt if i try to rename or move or copy i get told that i dont have permissions for that.

    i use my windows pc as my work horse in terms of getting media and it saves onto an external drive , once done i then want to be able to move the file from the windows pc on to the smb box.

    but at the moment this permissions message that iam getting is stopping me from nailing the setup down

    please can someone help iam not sure what i have missed