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    Hi to all,

    I need to activate a backup for my Gmail account.

    A friend of mine suggested me Gmvault, which I'd like to use with Docker and Portainer on my OMV NAS.

    Is there some installation guide / help to do that , possibly with Compose?


    Executed... let's see tonight :)

    Ok, first you say "duplicati...." doesn't work. Then you speak about "netdata...."

    What doesn't work, after all????

    You're right, of course: I mean NETDATA.

    Yes, I have access to any other service via SWAG, configured in the same way.

    They are: duplicati, nextcloud, heimdall, tautulli, redis, ombi, mariadb and qbittorrent.

    But... it's solved.

    Simply, I forgot to link the same "swag_network" in the netdata YML, and I was checking it in the Duplicati YML :S

    external: true
    name: swag_default

    Good night people!

    Nextcloud is installed in docker, with swag (and cloudflare).

    I can configure it, create users, upload files, etc...

    But the image profile upload always stucks:

    I've also configured a couple of parms in nextcloud docker's php-local.ini

    upload_max_filesize = 16G
    post_max_size = 16G

    It's the easiest possible (the standard one...).

    I'm using hostname


    Swag compose file is similar:

    So, I suppose you're right about Cloudflare issues...


    Hi to all,

    I configured Netdata in docker with compose file:

    Swag is configured to use netdata.* subdmain.

    DNS is configured in Cloudflare, exactly in the same way as other working services...

    Netdata is active and visible from http://myip:19999

    ...but I obtain the 502 error trying to use the subdomain 8|

    This is the output:

    root@DIYNAS-OMV:~# mdadm --grow --raid-devices=6 /dev/md0
    mdadm: ARRAY line /dev/md/ddf0 has no identity information.

    And this is what appears in GUI:

    I suppose we've to wait a lot... ;):D

    I noticed that "/dev/sdd" is now present in the RAID Array list, but as a spare disk: