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    Hi to all,

    Inside OMV diagnostics table (top) I've noticed this::

    I'm not so sure that nginx should have more than 700% CPU usage...

    Any suggest or consideartion about that?

    Can I fix sonmehow?

    Hi Soma,

    thank you so much for your help!

    My DNS domain in CF is

    WAN Address is right and it is always monitored by ddclient (another container).

    SWAG stack in Portainer is this:

    ...and this is the network used by SWAG and other apps containers (e.g. ombi, heimdall, ...) in order to "talk" with SWAG:

    Name swag_default
    ID c2ecd3ca25759e2126d495b9d5fc58b493495ab00c7f2f037fee7f6c364168dd
    Driver bridge
    Scope local
    Attachable true
    Internal false
    IPV4 Subnet - IPV4 Gateway -
    IPV4 IP range - IPV4 Excluded Ips


    About logs...

    This is the /swag/log/letsencrypt.log

    Here attached both SWAG access and error log files.


    coming back home from holidays, my previously configured services (I use Docker and Portainer) are no more reachable outside my house/router: I obtain "Impossible to reach" them in the browser.

    Obviously, they're still fully functional from the inside using IP address and port (e.g. http://<ip>:<port>/)

    I use CloudFlare and SWAG, and they were all available before as subdomains (es. heimdall.<>, nextcloud.<>, etc...).

    Currently I'm not able to understand what happened.

    Nothing has been changed in configuration files (theoretically) and CloudFlare DNS, but... for sure:

    • Ouroboros is active and running, so docker containers have been continuatively updated
    • OMV has been updated via-GUI

    Have you got some ideas? ;(

    Hi to all,

    I need to activate a backup for my Gmail account.

    A friend of mine suggested me Gmvault, which I'd like to use with Docker and Portainer on my OMV NAS.

    Is there some installation guide / help to do that , possibly with Compose?


    Executed... let's see tonight :)

    Ok, first you say "duplicati...." doesn't work. Then you speak about "netdata...."

    What doesn't work, after all????

    You're right, of course: I mean NETDATA.

    Yes, I have access to any other service via SWAG, configured in the same way.

    They are: duplicati, nextcloud, heimdall, tautulli, redis, ombi, mariadb and qbittorrent.

    But... it's solved.

    Simply, I forgot to link the same "swag_network" in the netdata YML, and I was checking it in the Duplicati YML :S

    external: true
    name: swag_default

    Good night people!

    Nextcloud is installed in docker, with swag (and cloudflare).

    I can configure it, create users, upload files, etc...

    But the image profile upload always stucks:

    I've also configured a couple of parms in nextcloud docker's php-local.ini

    upload_max_filesize = 16G
    post_max_size = 16G

    It's the easiest possible (the standard one...).

    I'm using hostname


    Swag compose file is similar:

    So, I suppose you're right about Cloudflare issues...