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    Ok I'll keep the setup as it is then, thanks.

    Although it seems a little weird to have Nextcloud w/o external access... That should work fine if you don't intend to use swag... Just make sure you adjust the necessary lines indicated (passwords, PUID/PGID's, etc.)..

    And just to get it out of the way since you're apparently watching dbtech videos... DO NOT USE PUID 998

    Yeah, I'm just creating this to be used on my local network, I want to just the hang of things before I start opening up to remote access etc. I know it can be dangerous to start opening things up to the internet without proper understanding.

    And I didn't use PUID 998 in the docker-compose file, unless you mean that's what it defaults to if not specified?

    I'll start looking at the guides here since you're saying they're better supported.

    Is there any particular reason you didn't just follow the official instructions here on the forum?

    Not really, every other tutorial worked well for me so I just assumed the nextcloud one will work with no problems since it was easy to follow.

    So I found this on a guide but I removed the SWAG part since I don't need that. Would I have any issues running this?

    I was following a Youtube tutorial that walked through the set up here's the link

    I'm new to this so maybe I have completely missed something that's causing an issue.

          - /path/to/appdata:/config
          - /path/to/data:/data

    Whatever you listed to the left of :/data in your docker-compose.yml is your data folder

    So I did a fresh install and it was working for a few days, then I got the same error again but this time I went to the path located in the docker-compose file and did "sudo chmod 0770 Data". But I still got the same error.

    What went wrong this time?

    I deployed the container again and it works fine, but out of nowhere I keep getting the error that tells me to make the data directory 0770. How do I stop that from happening?

    Did you listen to a word I said? It is worse because you didn't do as I said.

    I would probably just start over in this case or do a lot of reading on how those permissions are set.

    You told me to cd and find the directory where the data folder is stored which I did. You then said to use the following command sudo chmod 0770 directory_name, which I also did. At what point did I not listen to what you said when I did the only 2 things you advised me to do? That new error came about as soon as I applied that specific change.

    I'll just delete the old containers and build it again and see what happens. Hopefully, that just fixes things.

    Does my setup look right to you?

    So the source UUID is the new partition I created for user data, and the destination is the UUID that my docker containers are linked to so that's the UUID I need to link because it's the same as my old HDD.

    Do yourself a favour and switch to symlinking the docker volumes. In case you need to replace the disk you will be thankful.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Would you be able to point me to the best guide or explain what symlinking is, as I haven't heard of that before?

    Is the following guide safe to use?

    I have another question that's not related to this that I was wondering if you could help me with.

    I want to change the UUID of that new partition. What's the best way of going about doing this?

    I have a portainer backup that I want to upload but they all have the old UUID of another drive I used to use. So I want to change the UUID of SSD to the UUID of my old HDD, so I don't have to go through each docker-compose file and change the location.

    Ok just so I understand correctly.

    Could I run something like rescuezilla which has GParted and then shrink the drive so 20GB is for the system partition and the new partition of about 940GB will be used for data by mounting that instead? Will this prevent any unintended processes?

    Would it be possible to partition the drive and give the system 20gb and then mount the rest to be used as user data?

    I want to avoid using multiple drives, but if it's not possible I'll just stick to the config I have now as I know I won't be using the whole drive.


    So I did a fresh install of OMV onto my SSD (I switched to USB boot) and everything seemed fine, I went through the settings to configure them and then I realised I can't mount or see the drive mounted in the storage section. It shows the disk which is a 960GB SSD but I can't mount it. I wanted to create some SMB drives but I can't select the file system.

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong or what I need to do to fix this? Thanks

    So I resized the source drive to about 870GB and cloned it the SSD, the only plugged in the SSD and got a missing drive error despite it having the same UUID as the source drive.

    The steps I took were:

    1) Resize source drive to about 870GB (I did this just to try a different size as last time I did a lower number)

    2) Completely wiped and checked the drive with fsck, everything was all good.

    3) Ran Clonezilla with just the -icds switch and did NOT use the -k1.

    4) Checked the log using cat /var/log/partclone.log everything came out good no errors.

    5) Plugged only the SSD in and still have the same problem.