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    Thanks ryecoaaron

    I installed OMV5 (latest version of course) on to another SSD (to keep OMV4 as a backup) and ran it with the same result - only 5 out of 8 disks found.

    I then installed OMV Extras 5 and installed the Promox kernel (following the instructions to reboot and clear the original kernel).

    OMV5 saw all 8 disks immediately.

    They've been mounted, SMB shares etc configured and everything works fine (with data intact).

    Obviously there was an issue with the SAS card and the original kernel.

    Thanks again for all of your help

    I've also learnt some more about Linux


    Nevy P


    I will sort it out tomorrow and report back.

    Its still intriguing why the later versions of GParted Live have the same issue (Bootable USB version).

    Thanks for all your help

    Nevy P

    Sorry for any confusion on my part but i've only got the one machine

    I live in the UK its 6.15p.m now.

    I could reinstall tomorrow and get the output AND then try the new kernel and get another output to compare

    The question is if i reinstall version 5 will the output files state that there are 5 working HDD's and not list the 'missing' 3 ?

    OR will it say there are 5 working HDD's AND 3 'unable to detect' ?

    In OMV4 all is fine.

    I can see all the disks in the discs section and also in the file systems section and i can mount them, setup SMB Shares etc etc.

    In OMV5 only the first 5 disks appeared in the disc listing and file systems sections - OMV never stated they were 'missing' they just werent there.

    As a side note i am using a SAS HDD controller for some of the drives as the mobo didn't have enough SATA ports.

    Its not a problem i think as OMV4 works fine with the same setup.

    And also when i've updated OMV in the past with a clean install i never formatted the 8 'data' drives or even disconnected them - when the OS was installed (using 'use entire disc' method) it found the HHD's straightaway and i just had to mount them again.


    Thanks ryecoaaron

    I decided to use NTFS for cross-compatibility and i've never had any issues so far and also if i wanted to use a Windows-based NAS/Server solution in the future i'd able to keep the data on the HDD's.

    So what is your opinion ?

    I'm not sure if it's OMV or Debian in general as the older versions are OK with the same setup

    Many Thanks for your help so far

    Hello All

    I've been using OMV since version 2 but i'm new to this forum.

    Ive tried to install OMV5 (clean install of course as instructed) and i discovered that it can only detect 5 out of my 8 HDD's.

    The previous versions have all been fine.

    I'm not a Linux expert but i have a bit of experience and i can usually overcome any issues by searching the web but this time to no avail.

    Interestingly i found the same issue when i updated my version of GParted Live USB and used it on the same machine.

    So obviously i'm thinking that this may be a broader problem for Debian based systems.

    So the question is, does anyone know if this problem can be resolved somehow as i am keen to keep OMV up to date if possible as i had to 'roll back' to version 4 to get my NAS up and running again.

    Many Thanks in advance

    Nevy P