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    Yes. everything is working fine except there is a "mdadm: No devices list in the conf file were found" error .

    Google it then found the solution:

    # nano /etc/default/grub

    add rootdelay to this line, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash rootdelay=10".


    # update-grub

    # reboot

    Those disks connect to LSI HBA card need some delay to get ready.

    Because Linux support booting from raid. the mdadm scan the devices and try to build the raid but they are not ready yet.

    I am in OMV 5.5.

    Use onboard SATA ports and onboard Realtek NIC to install OMV, everything work fine.

    But I run out all the SATA ports, so I add a LSI HBA card.

    The LSI HBA work fine but I lost the NIC.

    Solution :

    1. Login into console.

    2. # omv-firstaid.

    3. choose 1: configure network interface, input the Ethernet setting.

    4. done.

    This process take a while to activate, but the NIC back to work !!!!!!

    Another issue:

    The new LSI HBA card have higher priority than onboard SATAs. All my disks shown in Disk menu have different device name.

    For example, my boot disk was /dev/sda, but after LSI HBA card installed (I attach 2 disk on the card), the disk become /dev/sdc.

    I received mdadm error while booting, but system still boot successfully.

    Cliff Liao