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    The files and folders are on OMV not on the Max, right? Then you would have to log into OMV as root and try to delete the files.

    On OMV the admin account should only be used to login to the web interface.

    Maybe this is where the confusion is... The files are on the OMV box yes, but when I log in to the box using the OSX terminal I don't see a list of files just a .deb file.


    I'm on a Mac Big Sur and OMV V5

    Following on from my thready here: Newb: Can't seem to get permissions right

    I'm trying to make space on my OMV 5 box by deleting backed up directories but some of them give me various errors when I try to delete them using the Mac Finder. See attachments.

    In desperation I'm turning to the CLI but I'm not getting anywhere there either! :(

    If I log in to my Mac as an admin using the Terminal and then cd to the parent directory of the directories I need to remove on my NAS I get "permission denied". How can I not even cd to the directory?

    If I use my regular account and do

    rm -r <path to directory>
    rm: <path to directory>: Directory not empty
    rm: <path to directory>: Directory not empty

    Then I try:

    rm -r -d <path to directory>
    rm: <path to directory>: Directory not empty
    rm: <path to directory>: Directory not empty

    I can't hit on the right command! :) What do I use?


    You can try it with the openmediavault-resetperms plugin


    That's actually what I've been using... Tried "Clearing all ACLs" this time but still can't delete the directories. Sometimes I get a "Directory is in use" error too...



    I'm on a Mac OSX Big Sur 11.6.7 and OMV 5

    I have my OMV 6 box up and running so I'm copying some stuff across from my OMV 5 box and want then to delete the directories from the OMV 5 box.

    Things copy across happily but when I try to delete the directories from the OMV 5 box I first get an error suggesting that some of the files might be "Locked" (See attachments). When I try to set permissions for everyone to Read/Write I get error 1426, a permissions thing.

    I have tried multiple times to reset permissions on the particular SMB share using the OMV 5 GUI with no luck.

    How can I get past this error so I can delete stuff from my OMV 5 box...?

    My permissions are supposed to be Read/Write...

    Thanks :)


    Ah, yes, root access is enabled.


    Install always installs all updates. Being able to select individual updates caused more problems than it fixed.

    Do you have root disabled in the ssh tab?

    You can do that in the web interface. Gear in the top right corner -> Change Password.

    I stumbled over the admin password change. Thanks :)

    I can't see an ssh tab. Sorry... Found it!. It was enabled.



    With help from you guys I have set up a OMV5 system before and it's running fine (touch wood...) but now I'm trying to set up a V6...

    I have a couple of very basic questions...

    1) Updates. In V5 I could tick a box at the top of the first column to select all available updates and then "Install". Do I have to do one update at a time in V6...? There's no "Select all" checkbox...

    2) I can't seem to log in over OSX terminal as root. I get constant "Permission denied. Please try again" I'm sure I have the password right. Do I have to enable ssh somewhere? I want to change the admin password for the webgui...

    Thanks, as always! :)


    I get

    How do you suggest I do the backups? I don't need versioning as such just reliable copies. It's 99% image files btw...


    How do you do your backups?

    Does it pick up all of your RAID array?

    Are you using compression?


    I'm glad you asked... :) Would be good to have someone sensible have a look...

    See attachments. I'm using Rsync to back my whole file system up to a single external drive. Hopefully I have two incremental updated and then one update which clones the file system at a longer interval.

    Hope it makes sense. I don't want to trigger the scripts if there's something wrong with my main file system...



    (I'm running OMV 5.6.26-1.)

    I had a bit of a fright this morning...

    I successfully created a folder on my SMB share on my RAID 5 setup.

    I then saved a file to this folder but couldn't see it in the Finder on my Mac.

    Logged in to OMV and noticed several things: The main file system is marked in red and my Backup is way smaller than the main file system, which can't be right. I also got a big error message on login. See attachments.

    The big error message (and some minor ones) persisted after reboot of the OMV system. I then shot down the OMV box entirely and rebooted my Mac. When everything came back up again, the various error messages had gone but the file system is still marked in red and the backup size doesn't match.

    I reset ACL permissions and the contents of my folder re-appeared.

    The persisting issues are the file system marked in red and the size mis-match.

    Does anyone know what's up with my setup...? :) Is it just that the file system is nearly full...? Why the size mis-match releative to the backup...?

    This is the top section of my log. Full log attached: