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    Finally I bought a SD card with identical size. But according to clonezilla it is smaller than the original SD card. Maybe there are some tolerances between different vendors.

    I activated the -icds option which leads to an error: target seek, error: invalid argument.

    I ignored the error and inserted the SD card into the Raspberry.

    --> no problems until now...

    Hi all,

    Can someone give me a suggestion for an easy to use tool to clone my SD card? Just copy and paste won't be sufficient because it's a SD card from raspberry and so needs to be bootable.

    Maybe Clonezilla? But I know it's impossible to clone to a smaller SD card - except you use workarounds and offer several hours for this task in 2020 🙄

    Ideas are welcome...

    I bought a Raspberry Pi 3. and wanted to make it a NAS. I played the normal Rasbian software on it before and experimented a bit. everything worked. Now I have downloaded the Open Media vault software with etcher flashed on an SD card and put in it. the Raspberry Pi does not boot. The Raspberry Pi and SD card can not be broken, because I then have to test again the raspbian software on it with the same SD card. then I played the Open Media vault software again and nothing. neither the green LED lights up nor what is displayed in my monitor. did someone ever have that and can help me? Greetings from Germany

    This procedure works without any trouble:…ing_OMV5_on_an%20R-PI.pdf

    Why do you need 64bit OS for RPi? 64 bit raspberry pi OS without the desktop will be available in the coming months. I just don't see an immediate need for it. I don't plan to test the install script against Debian Pi.

    Bacause I needed it a few weeks ago and not in the coming month. Next challenge is the registration process to get an user for the OS - not really an improvement. I'm really happy with the installed OS. Runs stable and without any problems in combination with OMV and several docker containers.

    Just use function "publish a new network port". Please keep in mind: If you run two containers on the same network you don't need to publish the port in container B if you want to access it from container A.

    I added two entries into file /etc/default/openmediavault


    The default check interval should be 30 seconds and after 40 cycles the mail should be sent.

    After editing the config file I executed these commands in /usr/bin:

    omv-salt stage run prepare
    omv-salt deploy run monit

    We'll see if it helps...

    Hi all,

    I'm very often getting the following email:

    This is because I'm running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 4 and preview generation of images creates a massive workload.

    Is it possible to change the allowed duration the system is under fire? 1 minute and 5 minutes are to short because preview generation could take up to 20 minutes for new folders.

    I've already seen there are parameters to change the threshold but that's not I'm looking for cause I want to change the "allowed time".


    Best regards


    Noch hab ich keine Daten auf Nextcloud also wenn es da eine Installation gäbe sehr gerne :)

    - Hierbei müsstest du als Image (hinter nextcloud:fpm angeben.

    - Ports werden nicht freigegeben

    - Aber viele Containerpfade gemeapped:

    Jeweils die zweite Zeile musst du anpassen.