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    I'm preparing to migrate my OMV environment which is currently running by itself on a physical machine to a Proxmox VM.
    My current setup is using an SSD for the OMV installation and 4 hdds. I have 3 of those in a pool using the Union Filesystems plugin and I'm also using the SnapRAID plugin with the 4th hdd as a parity drive.

    From what I've read so far, here is the process I'm planning to follow:
    1) Use Clonezilla to create an image of my existing OMV installation.
    2) Use the image created to create a VM in Proxmox.
    3) Move the 4 hdds to the new server
    4) Passthrough the 4 hdds to the OMV VM (
    5) Boot the OMV VM and run omv-firstaid to fix networking.

    Can I please get a sanity check on this? Am I missing anything? Would this work or will I need to re-do the mergeFS and snapRAID configurations?