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    Thank you pascalts

    Hello again guys,

    I've just configured wireguard to raspberry pi 3b via duckdns and it seems work.

    My isp provides static ip with extra charge. So I created an account on duck dns and during the wireguard configuration I selected "DNS Entry". Tested it with mobile phone.

    Now I am going to be a little busy with configuring self NAS and cloud system :)

    I am using a port forwarding server called

    They help me with getting IPv4 access in a IPv6 network.

    Maybe its right for you too.

    Cost is quite reasonable, ~5 €/yr/device or sth

    Normally the cost is really reasonable but in my country 1€ = 8TRY :)

    Teamviewerhost works and does not require any special network settings or port forwards.

    I have just seen Techno Dad Life's wireguard video this morning. I am going to try it. If it doesn't work I will try teamviewer.

    Anyway thank you both for your solutions. :)

    I think no one has solution for it.

    Has anyone tried any application (ex: Teamviewer , Anydesk) to avoid the static ip to access the network from outside ?

    If you have an other server (e.g. a public one), you may use autossh to connect from OMV to this server, and forward the local ssh port. Then you can log into the public server an access the forwarded port from OMV.…r-fun-and-profit-autossh/

    Dear pascalts,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Actually I am using OMV5 on raspberry pi 3. You told we can lon into the public server an access the "forwarded port" from OMV. Is it a different way to connect the network wihtout forwarding the port from router ? Because our problem that we are not able to forward a port because of ISP/Router policy.

    I am suffering the same problem. I tried to access my network with duckdns and portmap but couldn't success. Looking forward to a solution.