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    I'm having a bit of brain block using Yacht, would someone be able to help?

    I like using docker-compose, it makes it really easy to update docker containers. In portainer I've found this straight forward using the stacks function.

    However I would like to fully switch over to Yacht, I like that I get a graphical representation of resources on the login screen, as a home user I don't need the extra's portainer provides.

    Back to docker-compose I've read through the instructions here, but I don't understand them.

    I've already got all my containers setup, so do I just put a 'compose' folder in the config directory, can I just copy the text in 'stacks'?

    Do I have to re-load yacht with the compose settings? How do I reload docker-compose? Must this be done from command line or can I trigger this from a graphical yacht interface?

    Sorry feeling a bit dense on this one.

    Also on the yacht update page, would it be possible to have an installed version / available version indication?

    I'm not moaning, I think this is fantastic software, unfortunately my skills are lacking... :)