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    I keep reading that you don't need VPN and just use SSL when you connect.

    I am planning to run everything local on my server which I am planning to set up locally. Not planning to use subdomain or anything for now. If I do, I already have ngnix and letsencrypt setup already which I use for other purpose.

    How do I have SSL setup for Radaar, Sonaar and all these USENET services? I only have general idea and haven't even download anything from them but I figured it more like torrent download just not peer to peer.

    I can use NZBget or SABNzbd if I run docker but everyone recommend using SSL.

    How do I do it? Any input?


    So are you being redirected to your public domain when typing the internal address?

    No, it doens't redirect me to my domain.

    These are log for Nextcloud container when I try to access using my domain name:

    It get stuck on this screen:


    I am using to access through internet. How do I make changed to this?

    This is how final php looks like

    No luck!!! I am new to all linux so I am be doing this completely wrong.

    Yes I am planning to use from internet. Otherwise Nextcloud is no use lol. I have domain dashboard. Lol. Com already pointed and it works. I did same for Nextcloud, didn't work. Nextcloud does work on local intenal ip which is Everything is setup. Just want to work on internet.



    Thats my domain name right?


    Remember to set up a rule in your DNS Server/router to resolve that FQDN as your internal IP address, otherwise you'll go trough internet

    I have already port forwarded and other domains does work like dashboard and muaic. Is there a different rule I need to set for this?

    I have netcloud working and when I try to access using my domain name, I am getting this error:

    As per instruction on that page, I did edit my php file but seems its not working. Any Suggestion?

    If I need to delete something, let me know.. thank you.

    Here is as much detail as I can give.

    Command I ran:

    I was able to login to ngnix and all. When I create one proxy host: I get this error:

    When I go to check log for that, this is what's in log:

    domain and email is changed for privacy.

    Here is screenshot of my port forwarding:

    He is my cloudflare account setting:

    Am I missing something here? Any guidance will be appreciated.

    so I installed youtube-dl using this stack

    but if I tried to change 8080 to 8380 for docker internal port, doesn't work. I want to change because I want to use nginx-manager using this ssh command.

    Even though I install both using above, 8080 is assigned to two internal container and it works, but does it create any problems for nginx. Because when I configure all ports and all, it doesn't redirect me.. attached screenshots/

    So finally I called verizon to see if something is wrong with their port forwarding feature and they asked me to change few more settings. It works now but is it safe to do like that?

    I have attached pic.

    He told me to unmark "Enable" for internet connection firewall.