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    Great project, Trupik . I've a couple of questions for you:

    1. It looks like your case was custom-made. Could you share the design (files) with us?

    2. I see that you are using the case itself as a heatsink for the nanopi m4 soc but what about the HDDs? How to you keep them cool? I'm a bit concerned about that because the pictures you shared give me the impression that the HDDs are completely closed inside the case, without any airflow (no openings at the top to remove the hot air or at the bottom to get cool air in).

    3. I too have a v2. I've run into stability issues with Kernel 5.x but it looks like you have avoided that altogether by going straight to legacy. However, have you had a chance to test the latest Kernel with it? If so, have you experienced any sort of issues, like kernel panics?

    Wow. Again, great project. I'll be following it closely and would love to read about it in more detail. --CG

    kirkdis , it's great to hear from you. If you ever decide to update the case, please feel free to ping me here. I've made a few changes to my mini-NAS article since my last post that you and others might find useful ( Briefly, just comments about my experience running the latest vs legacy Kernel with the second version of the NanoPi M4 (had a few issues related to kernel panics that managed to fix by reinstalling the OS with legacy, 4.4.x Kernel and changing the cpu governor); and I've rewritten the fan controller for the PWM fan connector on the SATA hat ( --CG

    Hey kirkdis , I've built a mini-NAS based on the Nano Pi M4 v2 and used your 3d printed case for the project. If you want to learn more about it, I've written an article that you can read here: I've made a few comments about the 3d printed case as well (…my-opinion-about-the-case) that you might find useful if you ever attempt to redesign it. (I printed two cases and my second one was much better than the first one that I used for the mini-NAS shown in the article but overall, I think my comments about the case still apply). Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the case and idea for this SBC-based NAS solution. --CG