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    Most of the downloader plugins have not been ported to OMV5 or even to OMV4.

    Here is the status of the plugins: RE: Why should you use or not use dockers

    Thanks for reply,

    I have a total of 37 plugins for all sections, so maybe I have everything correct on my omv install ?

    I am interested by hosting on my raspberry : nextcloud, mpd, webserveur with mysql database server, calibre or ubooquity for ebook management.

    And of course file storage / sharing / backup but I am sure that this is not a problem and it must be already in omv without plugin.

    I understand that all the plugins of the list noticed as "docker" have to be installed via docker and for each of them I have to check an image on dockerhub and make the install with dockerfile and/or docker-compose file.

    It is not possible to just "click and install" the plugin, is it correct ?

    Thanks in advance !

    click the omv aptclean button in omv-extras and post the output.

    Here is the output :


    i am new on OMV, and I want to try it (version 5) on my Raspberry 4. I followed the instructions and the installation by script run wihout any problems.

    Now I would like to use extra plugins : in the plugin section there is a green dot next to "openmediavault-omvextrasorg 5.3.4", so I think the installation is ok.

    I have reboot the pi, refresh plugin page, try in others browsers... but impossible to see all these new plugins in this plugin section.

    Am I missing something ? Docker is installed I don't know if it's important. I notice that I don't have the button "Backport" next to the "Update" (mise à jour) button. I try to search on this side but impossible to have this button displayed (see image).

    If someone can help me it will be great. I ant to fix this problem before re-install from the begining and have a clean install for my future NAS :)

    Thanks in advanced.