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    Hi all.

    I’m probably going to be around a lot less from now on.

    I am finding that a mix of several things is contributing to me being able to spend less and less time here and I am missing tons of posts and mentions etc. As well as increasing family commitments and the Tapatalk issues that are preventing me from keeping close to the forum, I am finding that my use of ZFS has pushed me away from Debian and towards Ubuntu - it’s the clear choice for me right now. It’s no longer the unstable child it used to be, it makes my ZFS life easier and I get free live patching to boot.

    This all may change in the future and I’d love to come and rejoin you if Debian once again becomes my OS of choice or if the OMV base moves to Ubuntu.

    The people here are amazing and I’ve really enjoyed being here. I’d like to say thank you to everyone involved in OMV, OMV-Extras and the ZFS plug-in, and all the fellow OMVers. ♥️

    Happy OMVing.

    ellnic :)

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    ZFS on Linux is very stable. It’s just that occasionally a kernel update causes an incompatibility with the ZoL stuff and you’ll reboot and notice your pool isn’t mounted. You need to wait a bit before moving kernels or use the Proxmox kernel. The main thing to remember is that the problem only causes your pool not to mount until you revert some of the files etc. Not that your pools are gone completely. It’s not really an issue if you don’t mind tinkering. ZFS itself though is solid. I wouldn’t be without it.

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    I use ZFS which is different, but yeah, you want to disconnect your RAID, fresh install v4 then import that RAID. I don’t use that type of RAID though so you’ll need someone else to help there if you get stuck. You’ll obviously need to recreate your users and shares too and any services. There is probably a way to port some settings but I’m sure this is not recommended and may actually be more time consuming since there isn’t an automated procedure for 2 to 4.

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    I’m actually secretly hoping they’ll pump a load more functionality into the ‘apt’ command and beautify its output to look more like yum/dnf. Pigs might fly though. I too am less fond of yum/dnf than apt on usability, but yum has the best output I have seen. Better than pacman, better than zypp. It wins hands down for me on visual. I just don’t like a ton of other things about it. On the visual side, it’s the little things like the perfect percentage bar spacing regardless of columns etc that all make it very pleasant to use (pacman is runner up). I also like the ‘comparison table’ of versions before/after that you get. And a default Y/N query regardless of just installing a single package. It’s dead easy to see in a clean and clear output: what you have, what you’re going to get (versions). Apt splurges too much that I’d really only want to see with a --verbose switch or if an error happens. My ideal apt would encompass all the functionality of the “traditional” apt-XXX commands, have yum/dnf style output, have zypp style info toggle, and have aptitude style ncurses as an option, and maybe a portage like splash of colour too (not too much though like Entropy!). That would elevate apt from awesome to ultimate in my mind.

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    apt-get is old..

    Oh dear. I can’t help but comment on this.

    Let’s hope you never need to use ls, mv, rm, cd, etc to name but a smattering of some of the oldest commands - and much older than apt-get. You’re confusing old with defunct. But apt-get can actually do more than apt so it’s not even that.

    Oh, and you missed an ‘apt’ between && and upgrade. ;)

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    Do you mean you are virtualising OMV or you are using the virtual box OMV plugin?

    Edit: sorry just seen in your first post. The plugin.

    Hang on typing.

    Edit2: so if you only have 1 drive, ie your 240GB M2, it is not officially supported to have both your OS and your content on this one drive. You need one drive for your OS, and (an)other drive(s) for your stuff. I don’t use the virtual box plugin, but it undoubtedly works the same as everything else, and makes use of the shared folders section of OMV. Shared folders are not supported on the OS drive. I’m sure you could find a workaround, but in my opinion, the easiest way to fix this is to grab a small cheap SSD for the OS (like a Kingston 64GB) then use the 240GB for your stuff.

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    It’s really down to personal preference. But if you’re in a position where you are asking, you’ll probably want a very simple partition setup without separating /home etc. So usually this will boil down to mostly root partition and some swap, usually equal to RAM unless you have a ton of it.

    Create a new partition

    Enter Max size minus amount of RAM. Ie. For 8GB of RAM and 240GB drive enter “232GB”

    > Primary > Beginning

    > Use As: BTRFS (leave all else, should already be set for root partition). You can check is says mount point / if you like.

    > Done setting up the partition > Continue

    Click the remaining free space

    Create a new partition >

    Accept whatever size it gives you left. Should be equal to RAM.

    Primary > use as: swap area > done setting up the partition

    Finish and write changes.

    Done. :)

    Edit: Unless you’re EFI booting in which case you’ll need an additional partition, but unless you know why you want or need EFI, it’s really not mission critical to use it. You can disable it.

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    Good. :) I wouldn’t be without ZOL and I wouldn’t use FreeBSD. Talking of which, looks like they’ll soon being using the ZOL code:…m&px=FreeBSD-ZFS-On-Linux

    I wonder if this will encourage major changes... the kind of changes that probably haven’t happened in order to maintain compatibility with FreeBSD? If the major players are all using the same code base, will pool shrinking and defragging finally arrive?

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    I’ve been thinking a lot about this since I read the article and findings over a week ago. It’s probably old news by now, but just in case it’s been missed:

    Privacy international have used a MITM proxy to see what a collection of popular android apps are doing without user knowledge. They found that a lot of them send data to Facebook as soon as the app is open (over 60%), regardless of if you have a Facebook account. I verified this using a popular firewall app and some of the apps mentioned - on opening the app tries to communicate with a FB server using the Facebook SDK. This obviously presents a massive breach of the GDPR for EU users, but more importantly a massive failing on part of FB and a concern for all worldwide.

    The findings are here: https://privacyinternational.o…ractions-facebook-android

    Leaked information ranges from the ‘benign’ such as your google ad ID (to track non FB users outside of the platform) to how many times you’ve opened and closed apps and what they are, and in the case of some apps, they communicated with FB how many children you have and your flight departure and destination info. Nice one FB...

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