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    Sorry to sound so confusing, I have docker and portainer installed but when I click on the link for noVNC it asks me for a port that's where I get stuck. I don't know how noVNC works.

    I'm only using one instance at a time so only using VNC to connect to the VM


    I did the following step by step so please tell me if something is wrong.

    1. OMV > OMV-Extras > Cockpit > Install
    2. Once installed clicked on "Open web"
    3. Entered log in details
    4. Virtual Machines > Network > default > active
    5. Virtual Machines > Create new VM > filled in details as requierd > create
    6. Using the "Console" window installed OS (Ubuntu)

    This is were i get stuck i get the IP as which is no good to me as my network is set up for IP address such as

    Can someone please explain how i access the VM? using VNC or Remote desktop or something else?

    Hey All,

    Just out of curitosity i remember TechnoDadLife did a video on installed VB in the OMV using a plugin, has this plugin in been discontinued? i cant find it when i search for the plug. I went into my OMV machines BIOs and made sure Virtulization was on, which it was but still cant find it.

    I tried following a guide i found on here which seemed to work but for some reason it would not give me an IP address i could use to access the VB Machine ( instead of my IP range was 192.168.xx.xx)

    Bascially i want to run an experiment using a VB machine with Android OS installed on it.

    Any ideas?

    Hi greg77 Thank you for your help, Had a power outage the other day but when everything was back up and running VB including the webGUI had deisapeared a long with all traces, so i guess everything is ok now.

    Now i just need to find a VB install that will work either via docker or script install.

    Thank you again.

    Hi greg77 , Thank you. Wish i had never installed this guide. Is there away to get rid of the WebGUI?

    from the guide i removed the following referances

    Create configfifle for website "phpvirtualbox-webgui" that runs in NGINX
    [tt]nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/phpvirtualbox-webgui[/tt]
    Create configuration file for "php-fpm"
    [tt]nano /etc/php/7.3/fpm/pool.d/phpvirtualbox-webgui.conf[/tt]
    Activate PHPVirtualbox website
    [tt]sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/phpvirtualbox-webgui /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/[/tt]

    and then i restarted NGIX but the WebGUI is still there.

    KM0201 , its been awhile since i used one too. If i click on the "check" button it doesnt do anything just reloads the page.

    Im starting to wonder if there is a fault with this router as well as i tried to flash an Openwrt image as a test and that also got the same error.


    Im hoping someone can help!! My WiFi router developed a fault and i returned it to a sender and reverted to using a old router i had (ASUS RT-N56UB1) as i am looking to save some money i probably wont be looking to change this router at the moment.

    Currently i am on firmware v and have beeing trying to upgrade, so went to Asus own home page and found RT-N56U downloaded the firmeware but i keep getting this error

    The only differance i can find is that this does not have the "B1" at the end of the model, i have looked a few places but i can not find firmware for a RT-N56UB1 im hoping someone can help.

    If not i will have to revert to another old router i have which is a Netgear D6000.