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    I have my RasPi4 hooked up via USB to a CyberPower 850VALCD UPS. I noticed that after shut down and restart of the Pi (via tapping the power switch), I always receive a series of notifications saying the nut-upsc-ups fails to restart. The notifications are included below:

    Service: nut-upsc-ups
    Event: Status failed
    Description: status failed (1) -- Init SSL without certificate database
    Error: Driver not connected

    The nut-upsc-ups is always able to restart itself but I rather not receive these notifications every time. I searched and one solution suggested was to increase the polinterval value which I did but i still receive the notifications. My current configurations are:

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto
    vendorid = 0764
    pollinterval = 80

    Can anyone please help? Thank you.

    OK, I have figured it out.

    The install evidently kills monit or it doesn't run. I had to connect in via SSH in order to execute systemctl restart monit and then enable nut on the plugin screen and click save, then apply.

    Not sure why monit was dead...but I'll make sure that it starts with the rest of the startup services.

    Thank you for figuring it out. I finally got mine to work after executing systemctl restart monit .

    Hi isparnid I think I am having the same problem as posted in this thread. My error is:

    I want to try your solution but can you explain how to edit the file in step 2 to reset nut.j2 to its original state? Thanks.


    I just created a union file system using MergerFS and have some questions:

    Pre-union, I have a sda1 drive with two SMB shared folders, one for Movies and one for tvShows. I mounted them as network drive M and T like below:

    I saved everything in roots of M and T. I recently added a new storage drive sdb1 and I created a union of sda1 and sdb1 called MediaPool. See below.

    In MediaPool, I created a shared folder called MoviesNtvshows (mounted as network drive U in Windows) and in there I have two folders called Movies and TV shows. Here's the view in Windows:

    I started to move files from the sda1/movies to the Movies folder in drive U in hope that when done, I can delete sda1/movies shared folder, repeat for the sda1/tvshows folder and only deal with the union filesystem from now on. I used the default existing path most free space (epmfs) default policy.

    I had a naive thought that since the movie files are already in the union as part of sda1, they don't have to be moved and can just be reorganized instantly. But what actually happened is all the movies went to sdb1.

    After reading up on the epmfs policy, I think it is because I saved files in root of drive M which has an existing path of \\movies and had a folder called Movies in drive U (the union drive) so all the movies are going to drive U and onto sdb1. Is that what happened?

    I think it is better to spread the files more evenly between the two drives. Is there away for me to confirm to which of sda1 or sdb1 the files I already moved have gone to?

    How I can more evenly distribute the movie files between the two drives? Do I have to add a Movies folder in sda1 somehow so it also has a relative path that movie files can also go to?

    My desired outcome is to have a set of Movie and tvShows folder in each of sda1 and sdb1 with MergerFS dictating where the files go depend on the most free space available. With TV shows, I want all the episodes in tvshows/showX to stay together and not be split some episodes in one drive and some in another.

    I try to read the manual of mergerfs on Github but it is too technical for me. Any help is appreciated.

    Hello, I just encountered this error while creating a union file system. I am replying here in hope to bring the thread back.

    I checked for duplicate drive paths in etc/omv/config.xml under the mtent tag but I did not see any.

    I also checked the conf file in etc/monit/config.d for duplicate entries but things look normal to me.

    My full error log is below:

    New user here. I could not for the life of me got this to work until I found this thread. Very useful. I am in the US and the port was different than the two default ones in OMV. I also had to go to Google Account>Security and generated an 16-digit app password.

    Nope. The RPi (and other arm boards as far as I know) doesn't support power management. What would be the point? It probably wouldn't use any less energy sitting a state that could be woken up anyway. Putting the drives to sleep is about the best option.

    Thank you. Can you point me to some resources on how to put an external hard drive to sleep? I believe it is doing it automatically as I could hear it spin down during inactivity but I want to make sure.

    2 - update and install the openmediavault-wakealarm plugin

    I am stuck on this step. I looked for the plugin using the keyword "wakealarm" under System>Plugin but I did not see the exact plugin. I installed the only query result called wake-on-lan which I don't think is the right one.

    Can someone provide me with a guide on how to install a plugin that did not come up in a search on the webinterface? Do I have to install it from the CLI? I googled and found a VCs link for the plugin on bintray but not sure how to install it because I am a new user to Linux OS.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    Looks like you are making progress :thumbup:

    Thank you for the kind words ;)


    sudo omv-firstaid might have done the trick as well.

    I tried that first thing but got the error I quoted saying access denied. I think somehow while setting up the users, I deleted the admin account by accident. I think my complete solution after gaining superuser privilege in SSH is this:


    sudo su

    usermod -a -G openmediavault-admin admin

    passwd admin

    The first line of code gets me access to the omv as a superuser? Then, I think the second line of code readded the admin account in the CLI. After that, I think omv-firstaid would have worked.

    Is there some resources on how the users are set up in omv so I can read on it more to avoid deleting the admin account by accident? I honestly did not know what the pi user is for under Access Rights Management.

    After I created some new users, I can no longer log in to the WebUI using the "admin" credentials. When I try to reset the password using "omv-firstaid" I get the following error

    ERROR: Failed to connect /var/lib/openmediavault/engined.sock: [Errno 13] Permission denied

    I can still access my other users but not the admin.

    I tried to check the boot disk space and I seem to have plenty of room:

    Any help is appreciated. I am a first time user with no Linux experience. Thank you.