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    Just want to let you know i appreciate the help and would really like to do this.

    my Challenge is I'm self employed. I'm so busy as everyone wants things done before Christmas. i have worked all weekend and still need....

    well lets just leave it there.

    when i find the time (I'm sure yours is as valuable as mine) I'll continue and if your still free and have the time i'd appreciate the help.


    here it is,

    It's fixed, thanks for all the help.

    like i mentioned earlier OMV just works. i mess with it so little i forget the basics.

    here's what i did.

    Removed the container inside docker.

    (this is why you asked what i used)

    re-ran docker-compose.yml

    Nextcloud fired right up.

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

    but thanks for the help

    Seems i used docker compose. so i know i corrupted nextcloud container. when i look at my nexcloud config.php it seems fine. i'm confused why i now have a port conflict issue?

    should i be trying to edit a different file other than the config.php. I'm guessing as soon as i figure out the conflict i'll be able to start the nextcloud container.

    here's the out put of docker restart e79b21c94575:

    root@MEDIA-SERVER:~# docker restart e79b21c94575
    Error response from daemon: Cannot restart container e79b21c94575: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint Nextcloud (e3d8ae61f12df24970b9d1acb76083a0584968f0b4c12f3adff0e31ba2f57378): Bind for failed: port is already allocated

    both seem to point to a port conflict issue.

    ok my bad,

    here is the output of : docker logs -f Nextcloud

    root@MEDIA-SERVER:~# docker logs -f Nextcloud
    "docker logs" requires exactly 1 argument.
    See 'docker logs --help'.
    Usage: docker logs [OPTIONS] CONTAINER
    Fetch the logs of a container


    Yeah it felt like 3 years.

    So turns out it was running with no issue's for 2 years.

    my ignorance of editing the .htaccess file was simply that ignorance. i clicked the links to see what needed to be edited in nextcloud. and google the fixes as well, this is how i ended up editing the .htaccess file.

    as soon as i did it i released it was a mistake. but figured it would be a permission issue with the file and i could just go in and change the permissions through shellinabox or putty.

    this is when i try to add the environment variable. i added this before i fixed the permission issues.

    part of my issue is everything runs so well i rarely have to mess with anything. so in return i forget how i set everything up. i know this statement is not helpful.

    so i did two things to fix some errors before i updated nextcloud.

    one was to add

     Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/webfinger". Further information can be found in the documentation.
    Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/nodeinfo". Further information can be found in the documentation.

    I manually edited the file in windows, i know that was a mistake. i figured i could just fix the permission issue's of the .htaccess.

    I then opened docker and stopped nextcloud to add the environment variable to the default phone code. i used the info from here. Nextcloud config

    i then restarted my server.

    this is when i got the 502 error page. i then checked docker and noticed nextcloud was not starting and/or could not be edited.

    hope this explains how i messed this up.