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    Thanks for all the replys everyone.

    Let me explain why i asked.
    I have an xperia z1 compact (android 4.3) and under storage it says to add a sftp (ssh file transfer protocol) share and my phone will show the share as a normal drive.
    so if it's not something i could add to my current OMV setup I would not mess with it. I was more intrigued at what i might be able to do with it on my phone.

    Again thanks for all the replies.

    Hi everyone, i had owncloud working for a bit and then the instant upload from my phone started getting an error. there was no error just failed.
    I opened owncloud on my server and theres an error there that i need to update php.
    Does anyone know how to do this? Update php that is.


    Hi all, I have a question about raid and maybe some advise.

    i have all my data on one 3 tb drive, just bought another one and was thinking of setting up raid 1 software raid through omv.

    so do i need to store the data forst as do both drives need to be empty to setup software raid?
    also would it be worth it to setup raid 1, i'm looking to have my data on 2 drives encase of drive failure and not loose all my data.


    ok installed and running new.
    looks like my seagate 3tb drive is bad.

    shows in windows as a 870gb drive unformatted.

    shows as an unformatted 870gb drive in ubuntu live as well.

    if anyone has some ideas on how to recover my data i'm all ears.


    wow never have i had issue's like this. i cant install omv. keeps freezing. tried two cd's. and tried 3 times from a usb drive re-created it 3 times. ubuntu installs fine from another usb.
    so computer is ok. i'm trying to install omv .4
    can't believe i have wasted an entire saturday on this, and still no further ahead.

    output of dmesg | grep sdd

    root@Media-Server:~# dmesg | grep sdd
    [ 70.378827] XFS mounting filesystem sdd1
    [ 70.637518] Ending clean XFS mount for filesystem: sdd1

    how can i load the /var/log/mesaages, i always get access denied.
    i tried cat /var/log/messages and it just scrolls forever.

    output of fdisk -1

    uuid error 8 is the abreviated error of omv when it starts, the end reult is my omv is missing a drive.

    here's the output of blkid

    root@Media-Server:~# blkid
    /dev/sda1: UUID="ef9172f2-b0ed-4bf8-9da2-82b649f6d917" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sda5: UUID="8b7e2750-e931-47ae-86ae-7483e9720bd5" TYPE="swap"
    /dev/sdc1: LABEL="MMA" UUID="51469b85-38f9-45d9-841b-6ec2e018e23c" TYPE="xfs"
    /dev/sdb1: LABEL="Backups" UUID="39d40c6d-97fc-489f-830c-0fd72a4160f7" TYPE="xfs"

    thanks for the reply.

    hi all, my omv has been running for about 7 months no issue's.

    now i have the dreaded uuid error 8.

    i have been reading it it looks like the uuid has been changed o.

    i'm running omv 4.3.

    here's my fstab info, the uuid UUID=fa66dbbc-f8b9-45e9-b2d9-46a9f3a57af0 is the one where the error shows up. plus it's not lited when i run blkid, so this lead me to belive i needed to change a uuid.

    any help would be most appreciated, i'm willing to try something as i'm aware i might need to reinstall omv. problem is i have so many plugging setup and setting this back up will be a pain.

    I just noticed i could not see my shares and opened my omv monitor to see a bunch of errors.

    I restarted my omv machine and it stops at this error;
    /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off.

    but before that line it says;
    no init found. try passing init= bootarg.

    busybox v1.17.1 (debian 1:1.17.1-8) built-in shell (ash)
    enter "help" for a list of built in commands.

    any ideas?

    ok i have resolved the issue and figured i would share what i did.
    I left omv running with the usb drives and mouse connected and the error 1287680.876567 hub 1-1:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 4 never stopped. I left it running for 24 hours.

    i shut down the system.
    removed all usb devices.
    started omv, after a successful start i shut it down.
    I then added each usb one by and started the omv server. (i was looking for the bad device)
    Just a note, after each shut down i also turned off the switch on the power supply and removed the power cable for 5 minutes.

    so i really didn't do anything special and i turns out no usb device was bad. system is all up and running.

    thanks omv for making this great piece of free software and sharing.