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    ok i have not had to do much to my omv system as it was running great, just kept it up to date through the web gui.

    well i came home today and we had no power was out for a few hours, well when the power came back on i started my omv system and now am stuck with this message;
    hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate usb device on port 4.

    things i have tried are, power cycling the usb drives (i have 3).
    change ports (i have 6 usb ports on my mobo), now before i change ports the error above was the same but said the issue was on port 3.
    searched google and most issue's were related to an updated kernel and or not supporting echi? or a hardware issue.

    Thanks for reading.

    Quick question about adding folders.

    The default folder is /var/music, which is on sda.

    I have been trying to add the music folder on sdg1, so i added /dev/sdg1/music.
    I also tried /sdg1/music

    I thought maybe is was a permission issue. I looked on the acl for sdg1 but subsonic is not in the list.
    Can someone please explain how you add a music folder from a different drive?


    Quote from "jhmiller"

    Yes it was aimed at you. Did you delete the old file before downloading a new 1? as it will get renamed to and you will end up rnning the old version.

    Brother you rock, it's working.

    here's what i did.

    service subsonic stop

    removed subsonic with = apt-get purge subsonic, had errors. (directory is full)

    so i ran = rm -r the /var/subsonic directory.

    then ran = apt-get purge openjdk-6-jre, went through the setup.

    Then i ran = rm /

    Rebooted, re-ran script.

    Now it works. :D

    if this was directed to me? i tried but still have the error in my subsonic log about error in opening file.

    You know i installed the 64bit version of omv, what is everyone else running?

    Quote from "jhmiller"

    Give me a day or 2 and i will try and figure out why you can't run it and others can. I did read on subsonic forum about this so dont think its omv related.

    Would you like me to add an option to install 4.6 as that was last offical release where as 4.7 is beta.

    Thanks Jhmiller for the reply.

    I started a thread over at subsonic and with some help I feel I have it narrowed down to either a corrupt download (doubt it as others dont have an issue), or a java issue.

    I think mine is a java issue as the subsonic log shows an error extracting subsonic.war from /usr/share/subsonic/ ( i know it's there) to /var/subsonic/jetty/3060.

    So i then tried to run jar tvf /usr/share/subsonic/subsonic.war to manually extract the war file, this gave me a bash java error. So the shell script can't extract the war file and i can't extract the war file manually.

    So other than a java issue i guess it could be a permissions issue, but as i'm logged in as root i can't see that being the issue either.

    Maybe if some iother iser can see if the jar command works for them this way i can narrow it right down to a java issue. and rather than trying to extract a war file you could run jar tvf <somefile>.war. This will only show the contents.

    I was looking at the subsonic directory and already thought about changing the download to 4.6, but figured it was not worth the time as I feel pretty strong that for me it's a java issue.

    Oh yeah i ran java -version and it shows i have java version "1.6.0_18"

    I will see if i can troubleshoot some more after i put my boy's to bed.

    hi everyone i just noticed this error in the mail app.

    CRON-APT RUN [/etc/cron-apt/config]: Sun Aug 26 04:00:01 EDT 2012 CRON-APT SLEEP: 577, Sun Aug 26 04:09:38 EDT 2012 CRON-APT ACTION: 0-update CRON-APT LINE: /usr/bin/apt-get update -o quiet=2
    W: Failed to fetch…ze/main/source/Sources.gz 404 Not Found

    W: Failed to fetch…contrib/source/Sources.gz 404 Not Found

    W: Failed to fetch…on-free/source/Sources.gz 404 Not Found

    E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    I edited


    then changed

    deb-src squeeze main contrib non-free


    deb-src squeeze main contrib non-free

    no more errors.

    If this could cause problems please let me know so i can update the post.

    Ok i have bean reading all night and still have not made any headway. so i removed subsonic again and went through the install.

    I just noticed that if i follow the default settings and just run through the setup the script ask's me to confirm that i want to install subsonic on root.
    Should i be changing the install directory?
    I have searched for the location to install subsonic but can't seem to find where to install it, so i just go through the setup and don't change any settings.

    Maybe someone can confirm this.


    Update, the page is now a 503 error page.

    Ok after some digging it seems i have no db folder in /var/subsonic/

    is this where the db folder is?

    Ok here's my log file from subsonic_sh.log

      root@MEDIA-SERVER:/# cat /var/subsonic/subsonic_sh.log
      23 [main] INFO - Refreshing display name []; startup date [Fri Aug 24 22:13:42 EDT 2012]; root of context hierarchy
      [GC 3072K->368K(8896K), 0.0012620 secs]
      76 [main] INFO org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionReader - Loading XML bean definitions from class path resource [applicationContext-deployer.xml]
      [GC 3437K->480K(8896K), 0.0016250 secs]
      [GC 3552K->544K(8896K), 0.0011100 secs]
      416 [main] INFO - Bean factory for application context []:
      [GC 3616K->602K(11968K), 0.0014270 secs]
      430 [main] INFO - Pre-instantiating singletons in defining beans [service,org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiServiceExporter#0]; root of factory hierarchy
      451 [main] INFO org.mortbay.log - Logging to org.slf4j.impl.SimpleLogger(org.mortbay.log) via org.mortbay.log.Slf4jLog
      Using WAR file: /usr/share/subsonic/subsonic.war
      Extracting webapp to /var/subsonic/jetty/3060
      Using WAR file: /usr/share/subsonic/subsonic.war
      484 [main] INFO org.mortbay.log - jetty-6.1.x
      579 [main] WARN org.mortbay.log - Failed startup of context org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext@4f4db0e3{/,jar:file:/usr/share/subsonic/subsonic.war!/} error in opening zip file
      at Method)
      at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(
      at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.TagLibConfiguration.configureWebApp(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext.startContext(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.ContextHandler.doStart(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext.doStart(
      at org.mortbay.component.AbstractLifeCycle.start(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.HandlerWrapper.doStart(
      at org.mortbay.jetty.Server.doStart(
      at org.mortbay.component.AbstractLifeCycle.start(
      at net.sourceforge.subsonic.booter.deployer.SubsonicDeployer.deployWebApp(
      at net.sourceforge.subsonic.booter.deployer.SubsonicDeployer.<init>(
      at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
      at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
      at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
      at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(
      at org.springframework.beans.BeanUtils.instantiateClass(
      at Method)
      at net.sourceforge.subsonic.booter.Main.<init>(
      at net.sourceforge.subsonic.booter.Main.main(
      596 [main] INFO org.mortbay.log - Started SelectChannelConnector@
      Subsonic running on: http://localhost:4040/
      644 [main] INFO org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiServiceExporter - Looking for RMI registry at port '9412'
      [GC 6746K->1106K(11968K), 0.0032020 secs]
      684 [main] INFO org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiServiceExporter - Could not detect RMI registry - creating new one
      714 [main] INFO org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiServiceExporter - Binding service 'SubsonicDeployerService' to RMI registry: RegistryImpl[UnicastServerRef [liveRef: [endpoint:[](local),objID:[0:0:0, 0]]]]
      [GC 2253K->1257K(18560K), 0.0018200 secs]
      [Full GC 1257K->1169K(18560K), 0.0311840 secs]

    Quote from "jhmiller"

    The python apps dont need an uninstall as you can just delete their folders(.couchpotato in root as well)

    Subsonic can be uninstalled by doing

    apt-get purge subsonic (not sure about the case)

    I tried running apt-get purge subsonic, then re-ran the script and only selected yes for subsonic.

    I still get the same error.
    HTTP ERROR: 404



    Powered by Jetty://

    Sorry to keep bothering you guy's.

    Any ideas on what i might try.

    P.S im using putty, and login in as root and password i created at time of install. so this makes me root, correct? (just making sure)

    I have been looking and think it might be an issue with the db folder not being created. should it be in /var/subsonic/ ?

    I'm thinking this might help me on another issue, i open putty and enter the user name root with the password.
    I then type /etc/default/grub. this gives me bash: /etc/default/grub: permission denied.

    so i then try su enter
    then /etc/default/grub enter and get the same bash: /etc/default/grub: permission denied

    can someone explain what i'm missing here?

    Ok i still have this issue and would like to solve this before i get to comfortabkle using OMV as i'm startiig=ng to get use to it.

    after the system boots i get this message

    /sbin/fsck.xfs: xfs file system.
    /sbin/fsck.xfs: xfs file system.
    /sbin/fsck.xfs: xfs file system.
    /sbin/fsck.xfs: uuid=kldsfgjlis-sfawefgaREW-Asgfsd-SGDFsg DOES NOT EXIST
    /sbin/fsck.xfs: uuid=kldsfgjlis-sfaw75427452-Asgfsd-S47532 DOES NOT EXIST
    fsck died with exit 8 status

    file system check failed

    at tis point i just use my keyboard and ctrl d to boot.

    Now both uuid mentioned are my 2 usb drives and the uuid's match the 2 drives. so i read some where and can't seem to find it now. I kinda remember reading i just need to have OMV not scan the drives on boot as they are not ready yet.

    I'm might have my thoughts mixed up here but can someone confirm if i'm on the right track.


    P.S if this would solve my problem could some kind sole post the steps on the config file that needs to be edited.

    WOW, i have a windows system setup as my ip camera server and use blueiris, it works and i have no complaints (other than it's windows a resource hog, system is a 3ghz dual core,4gigs ram records 4 cameras none stop), but if this ever takes off and someone gets this working i will definitely be checking it out.

    Very interesting....

    Maybe you found the reason but in case you haven't, make sure that the folder is no being used by another service. for example smb (samba)

    i always make sure that in shared folders it shows as being not used. I have had issues where changing directories around was not working and then realized it was still being used.


    I have had this in the past and normally goes after a reinstall. I will look more into this to see if i can find out what is happening. What happens when you type
    service subsonic restart
    in the shell? i also take it your running the script as root?

    (service subsonic restart) same error. putty shows this;
    root@MEDIA-SERVER:~# service subsonic restart
    Restarting Subsonic Daemon: subsonicStarted Subsonic [PID 9775, /var/subsonic/subsonic_sh.log]

    Ok let me first say, i have my server hooked up to a kvm and monitor, so the first i ran the script it was directly on the computer and it was as root.

    Now this time i ran it through putty as root. now i sign in as root so i'm guessing im root. maybe i need to su each command?

    Thanks for the help, i'm really looking to setup subsonic and use the android app to play music.

    P.S can you post the commands to uninstall the script/apps and then maybe i will start over.

    P.S the second time i ran the script i ran through the whole setup processes.

    Quote from "hari-bo"

    I've got several issues with the setup and trying to get it working, but it takes a lot of time and my linux knowledge is not that great.

    Have you had any head way on the bugs?

    ok i tried to install again, this time i had no errors, it asked what version of python to use. I selected 2.6.

    all plugins installed with no issue's.

    I still can't load susbsonic, the page gives me this error.
    HTTP ERROR: 404



    Powered by Jetty://

    Should i choose python 2.7 at the begining of the install ?