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    I have not had time to look into the issue, as I have the same problem.
    But I did find an article about the update feature not knowing the directory to look for the downloaded update.
    The fix was to add the directory path to the end of the url. I posted the results in my post.
    I was then given the option to manually add the secret hash manually from my config file.
    It did not work, invalid secret.
    I'm now thinking permission issue are probably the issue.
    I also have watchtower installed, maybe watchtower is messing with permissions?
    As that's something else we have in common.

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    Could someone, who is also using NC in a docker container, please check their Nextcloud version? I'd like to know if others are also having the same issue, I'm still stuck on 16.0.4...

    so i'm having the same issue. did you find a solution?

    Hi jackster,
    I'm running NC 16.0.5 in a docker container.
    I never update the container itself. I use the update script ("updater.phar") from the command line within the container.


    is this the how you upgrade?
    Nextcloud update

    so something is not right with my install.
    so i tried to add /index.php to the end of the page i'm updating on.
    this brings me to the update page and it asks to provide my updater.secret hash. i enter the secret from my nextcloud config.
    i get an error that says secret invalid.

    maybe i should provide a screenshot.

    hey all.

    i'm running omv 4.1.27-1
    docker is latest version, all docker images are automatically updated.

    i have nextcloud 16.05
    i now see theres an update for 17.01.
    when i go into settings, admin, overview in nextcloud. i hit the update button.
    this brings me to the update page, the update initializes ok, when i hit the start update i get an error.
    the error says
    Check for expected files
    Parsing response failed. File not found.

    i have searched google for fixes and most are old from 2017 and 2015.
    the latest solution was to update through cmd updater.
    is that the only way to update when using reverse proxy?

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to clean up my server and have stumbled upon some errors in my log file. evrything is working, so maybe it nothing to worry about.
    In my log file over and over it seems smb is looking for net_shares in /var/lib/samba/usershares/ video's, & photo's.

    i dont have any shares called photo's or videos.
    i did find a link that talked about net_shares and they are not in the smb.conf.
    so it seems to me this is a default setting somewhere, maybe tied into home directories, my smb.conf has no entries for home.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
    or is this just a default setting that is not an issue.

    just got a chance to setup the monitor and keyboard.
    looks like dev/sdc1 has error, check disk is forced.
    does not complete, it requires manual fsck.
    booting into grub recovery and i'll run fsck from there.
    will report back.
    i'm also logging here to keep track of what i'm doing.

    Just ran fsck -f /dev/sdc1
    lots of inodes count wrong for group. (not sure what means or how that gets corrupted).
    says everything's fixed.
    rebooting now.
    have a message that says sdc1 is clean, omv loads fine.

    Ok problem fixed.
    Maybe someone can post why the corruption in the inodes?

    i'm running the latest and updated omv 4.
    so OMV, was running great, had everything setup and working.
    the other day i received a bunch of emails from omv.
    here's the emails from the first to the last.
    1. Filesystem flags changed Service rootfs
    2. The Samba 'panic action' script, /usr/share/samba/panic-action,
    was called for PID 17964 (/usr/sbin/smbd).
    3.The Samba 'panic action' script, /usr/share/samba/panic-action,
    was called for PID 17952 (/usr/sbin/smbd).
    the next five are the same as above just the PID was changing.

    So i was able to login to omv, i checked the drives and all seemed fine. i figured i would reboot the computer. so after rebooting the system never cam back online.

    I'm going to connect a monitor and keyboard and see what i can do.
    i did try to ssh into the box with no success.

    if anyone has a clue of what has happened i would be very thankful.

    how do i list the files on my os drive.
    after some reading it seems the bind points are wrong and the files are saved on my os drive in the docker directory.
    find did not find a known file.
    when i use
    ls /dev/sdc
    no directory shows.
    sorry for being a newb.

    tnx, i didnt use cli to install, i filled in the container after hitting run.

    i'll remove and follow the guide.

    i should have known that something was up as in the docker setup, i selected /config and setup a folder for jdownloader. but no setup files are in the folder.
    i looked in the home folder and have one folder for docker1 and in that folder is just my nextcloud compuse yml

    ok so i first did a search of a know file file. took a while but found it.
    I then did a search of one of the files jdownloader says is done, but the file is not found.

    heres the log from jdownloader, i cleared it before i downloaded, so this is from the last download that says is done.

    I have omv 4 (latest version).
    i installed the jaymoulin jdownloader.
    jdownloader connects fine in chrome and firefox.
    my issue is jdownloader shows files are downloaded, but they are not in the folder i specified in the docker image. in fact i cant find them. jdownloader in firefox says the folder is root/downloads.

    how do i find the folder jdownloader is using? and how do i make sure jdownloader is using the folder i setup in the docker image?

    I followed the guide below, but i still get the error in nextcloud.
    has something changed?
    i restated letsencrypt, restarted nextcloud, logged out of nextcloud.
    looged back in and the warning is still there.
    here's my nextcloud.subdomain.conf

    tnx Macom

    on the guide line 38 shows this
    - #insert your domain name - yourdomain.url

    when i looked in the docker in lets encrypt i end up with a field that shows

    yourdomain.urlthis box is empty

    sorry should have taken a screenshot first.

    is URL and yourdomain not the same?