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    Maybe it will be useful to someone in my situation.

    To upgrade to OMV 5 I had to add this command at the beginning:

    sed -i "s/stretch/buster/g" /etc/apt/apt.conf

    Hi guys.

    I have solved by a combination of the two advices.

    To solve the grub error I have reinstalled grub with the "Parted Magic" distro.

    Firstly identify your boot drive with the "Parted Magic Mount" utlity.
    In my case was :"/dev/sdf1"

    then, from the main menu select:
    -Boot Utilities
    -Boot Loader Restore Utility

    Install the new grub on (in my case...) "/dev/sdf1".

    After that my OMV box booted fine... but the web interface was not accessible...

    To solve this issue:

    dpkg -i openmediavault-omvextrasorg_latest_all3.deb

    after that, reboot the machine.

    Now the web interface is accessible.

    There are still some minor quirks (that i will investigate later on), but after all the machine works-ish :)

    Thank you guys!

    Let me know if I could do it in a better way... specifically, someone with a real knowledge about the "grub" command
    has an alternative method (without using "Parted Magic") to solve the issue ???

    Any help to debug my issue ?
    I have executed these commands:

    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade

    After the reboot i get the grub rescue console.

    There is a way to log what happen during the command "omv-release-upgrade" ?

    Every time I have to restore the clonezilla image of my system drive because it will not boot... :(

    Any advise is welcome... Tnx!

    Hi guys,
    sorry to bother you...
    After over a year I tried to upgrade from the latest 2.x to 3.x (with the omv-release-upgrade command).
    The only plug-in I have installed is Snapraid.
    Unfortunately after many attempts I have the same "grub" error console.
    If there is a guide about it, please point me there... :)

    Here the system info

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    If I have to use another version of MariaDB (for example 5.5 or 5.1) I have to change just the "Repo" field and keep the same "Key" value ?

    I'm sorry too for refreshing again this topic, is possible to install mysql or (better for me :) ) mariadb with stoneburner ?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

    You have exactly the same model of my port multiplier card :)

    Very good news to hear, if it works with the banana a very cheap (and very energy efficient) build of an OMV box is possible.
    Please let us know how your tests are going.

    With putty, on every SSH login to my two OMV boxes, the password prompt was very slow. It was very annoying for me :)

    Today (finally...) I have found the solution:

    edit this file:


    the name of the file is sshd_config with the "D". DO NOT edit the file ssh_config

    add this string at the end of the file: UseDNS no

    save the file and then restart the service and close the console by running this command:

    # service ssh restart && exit

    If you do not want to restart the service, just restart the system (or turn off the computer and boot as usual)

    For more details, use the links below:…into-my-ubuntu-9-05-serve…s-resolution-and-openssh/

    I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I have a subscription to the magazine, I have got the issue #9 yesterday.
    I don't know when the issue #9 will be available on the LinuxVoice on-line store.