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    @0rtega I see you are from Italy too, did you have any luck in finding the components?

    These days i buy my hardware from
    Before the purchase, to make a comparison between the different HW components, I use, and
    In my opinion amazon has great prices, but the "comparison" tool is very poor.

    The WD reds are reliable, but the NAS 4tb seagate HDs are good too...…ty-update-september-2014/

    what does your "automatic shutdown" script, what autoshutdown does not? Just courious ;)

    I work from home and I have two OMV servers, one is the main server and the other is the backup server (I also have an offsite data backup on a few external hard drives).
    I use the "main" as files server (ie: backup for my pc) and for my customers (ie: FTP server).
    In the evening/weekends I use the "main" server has a streaming device for music/movies/tw shows.
    The script simply check if my pc and/or the OMV backup server and/or my tv are on (the tv is connected to my router via ethernet).
    If these 3 devices are turned off the "main" server runs the shutdown script.
    I also have a simpler script on the OMV backup server. In the evening it runs a "pull" rsync script to backup the main server data and then shutsdown itself.

    My scripts are a sort of "the poor man autoshutdown plugin" :)

    No need to. Squeeze-LTS will be replaced with 'wheezy' on upgrading.

    Hi David, unfortunately I have messed up the sources.list file when I upgraded to Sqeeze-LTS.
    This is the file (0.5 Sardaukar) BEFORE the upgrade:

    AFTER the upgrade Kralizec script the sources.list was:

    After the update script you can see that the last two lines of sources.list file are repeated (the first two lines are the same of the last two lines).
    Every time, on the CLI, after issuing the command "apt-get update" i got several warnings for "duplicate sources".

    Now the final (and CORRECT) [thank you WastlJ!] file sources.list is:

    # wheezy'
    deb wheezy main contrib non-free
    deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free
    deb wheezy/updates main contrib non-free
    deb-src wheezy/updates main contrib non-free

    Hi WastlJ,
    I have a crash error, on my sever I have updated the sources for Squeeze-LTS. I have followed the suggestion in your OMV blog:

    Now I have to remove two lines in sources.list, please can you send me (in PM) the instructions to remove those lines ?

    Thank you in advance!

    After the segmentation fault error I have formatted the two drives of parity, remounted them and tried to execute the command "snapraid sync".
    Now I got this message:

    I really don't understand what is wrong with the configuration...
    Any help is very welcome.

    Edit: sorry my bad. I don't know why but the parity file was created on the OS drive, filling completely the drive. Now it seems working again. The sync process is started again, I hope it ends correctly without the Segmentation Fault error.

    I have tried a couple of times yesterday and today to sync my OMV backup machine, but i got after many hours of work the "Segmentation fault" error.
    After that, the process of SnapRaid dies.
    What can I do to find the reason of this error ? Something in my hardware is wrong ?
    Thanks for your help.

    All the drives were in the pool, minus the 250gb OS drive.
    The problem came out because I started a nightly backup with lftp.
    In the morning I have found the lftp job stopped with an error, so I have tried to free space moving data from the full hard drive to the others.
    I think that I have made the mistake to move the data from the physical shared folder, not from the "poolshare" folder (I used "mc").
    In the end it was all "messed up" and I don't remember what I have done precisely, I acted too impulsively, ruining the OMV installation.
    Unfortunately I don't remember the error code, and I haven't took any screenshot.
    Later tonight I will install again OMV with the drives rescued from my broken Synology Nas and I will try to check the "mfs" checkbox.
    This time I will use only the "poolshare" folder to move the data and I will not use the single drive's shared folder.

    Dennis, I think you are referring to "GTvert90", luckily I haven't lost any data, the ex-NasLite box (now working with OMV) was/is the backup for my
    Synology Nas (that has broken 3 days ago).
    Also the data on the broken Synology Nas is safe and accessible using an XPEnology "trick", and this morning I have discovered that all the data
    is accesible also booting with a Parted Magic usb stick (I thought that the Synology Hybrid Raid was inaccessible outside a Synology box, but I was wrong :) )
    The important data was also backed up offsite using external hard drives.