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    Well, at least now I know where the problem is.
    I will check what 4 ports Gigabit router is available here in Italy which is compatible with DD-WRT (but I don't know much about it, but I know what it is).
    If you have a specific model/models to suggest, please tell me :)

    Thank you again, it was important to me for my work to find an alternative Nas/Server for my old Synology :)

    I have forwarded the tcp 14100-14105 and now works with filezilla client!

    Can I keep this port forward in my router ?
    But is very very strange... I have put the following rule. Perhaps is damaged my router.

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    Give me stat command on your "Public" folder.

    sorry i have seen your post only now, sorry

    root@openmediavault:/media/a62a1951-48c7-4d5d-91a4-4cbd0aaa2590# stat Public
    File: `Public'
    Size: 4096 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 directory
    Device: 811h/2065d Inode: 7208961 Links: 2
    Access: (2775/drwxrwsr-x) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 100/ users)
    Access: 2014-03-07 18:30:10.876666345 +0100
    Modify: 2014-03-07 17:49:15.704067700 +0100
    Change: 2014-03-07 18:07:59.614699716 +0100

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    That looks good. Did you use your wan ip on the test???? Why does it show an internal private ip on your test results??? 192.168.x.x is bad. It should show wan ip. You need to forward 2121 from your router to your omv.

    It's exaclty what i did...

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    And on the test use your wan ip for the host.

    Again, it's what I did (tested with my resolved address, and with my Wan IP numerical

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    If it is not working with 2121 that port may be too low. Try 12121. You are connecting with 2121 so I don't think that is the issue.

    I will make this test too, thanks again.

    Sorry... :oops:

    Yes, I'm using my wan ip :)
    I use no-ip for ddns (the tests works with my no-ip.address:21, but doesn't works with my no-ip.address:2121)

    After 2 days of tests I got this result.
    I have TRIPLE checkd the steps on the guide, configuration on omv web gui, files created via SSH, and my router configuration.
    With my old Synology machine ftp works well, but when i try the OMV ftp server i got this error.
    The OMV ftp server is not port 21 (because is used by my Synology ftp server), but port 2121.
    Another strange thing is that in this log the parent directory is not "/Public" but "/".
    I'm doing something wrong...

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    Can you guys figure it out or do you need a Guide???? I should say I don't open port 22 to the internet. I only open 1194 for OpenVPN and port 32400 for Plex.

    Thanks, for me is ok, I will try later today the instructions you gave us. Thanks again

    I know, I hoped that the guide for user creation/privilegs/personal folder would be similar to your FTP guide. Obviously I was wrong.
    My goal is to make connect a remote user (via, for example, WinSCP) to a personal read/write directory on my OMV box.

    Edit: Thanks that would be great.

    Interesting. Even without a webgui configuration page/plugin there is a guide or tutorial to use SFTP with a simple user/home directory management in OMV ?

    edit: I have tried a while ago with raspbian (on the raspberry pi) to follow a guide but without success.