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    I'm having an issue with this plugin:

    Is the "home" suffix somehow not recognized/allowed? Why? Or is this a different issue?

    I honestly don't understand what everyone's problem is with Couchpotato.

    I also dislike the current Couchpotato state, it doesn't seem to evolve into a better product, the new UI is not that great and there's plenty that could be improved and fixed but that just doesn't happen (well, the dev probably has better things to do, can't blame nor complain). But it's been working fine for me, just like it worked the first day I set it up. I really don't understand when people say that Couchpotato hasn't grabbed anything for months. Mine grabs everything I want as soon as it's out...


    I have my OMV box on the living room connected to my TV through an HDMI cable.

    And I have found out that this is turning my TV on automatically, mostly during the night. I know the culprit is my OMV box because when I have it's HDMI cable disconnected from the TV, the TV never turns itself on.

    What could possibly be the cause for this and how can I turn it off?

    Probably something related to CEC? Probably some remnant of a previous Kodi installation? I currently use my OMV box just for storage and as a download machine, I have a proper media box now.

    Any ideas?

    My NAS runs 24/7, there are no sleep/shutdowns at that time of the day. I don't want to uncheck that option because that's how I found out of this problem and it might be something I need to resolve and not let it go.

    I'll take a look at all the cron jobs on my system. In the OMV admin panel, only 2 are visible and are 2 custom ones. They both run more than 1 time a day so if it were one of those, I'd have multiple spikes through the day and not just one in the morning.

    As of past few weeks, I'm getting e-mails like these every single day around the same time (8h20min):

    Here's a few graphs:

    What can I do or how can I tweak monit to give me all the information I need to understand what's going on?

    What do you get from running this:

    apt-cache policy python-libtorrent

    Ever since I installed Deluge BitTorrent client that I've had this python-libtorrent package as "kept back". I'd like to fix this system state but I have no idea how...

    A few things I've tried:

    $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    Calculating upgrade... Done
    The following packages have been kept back:
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.

    ~$ sudo apt-get install python-libtorrent/wheezy-backports
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    python-libtorrent is already the newest version.
    Selected version '0.16.18-1~bpo70+1' (Debian Backports:/wheezy-backports [amd64]) for 'python-libtorrent'
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

    I have the following APT repositories on my sources which I believe are causing my problem:

    deb stoneburner-miller main
    deb precise main

    They were added through OpenMediaVault's interface when I enabled some checkboxes to be able to install Deluge.

    Any idea how can I fix this situation?

    Yes, you have it right with making a backup of the init.d script and restoring it after the install. I use the proper debian wheezy packages offered by yakumo in his repo. AFAIK those are the ones that eventually wind up in the OMV repo.

    What if I install the openmediavault-plexmediaserver plugin from OMV and then add yakumo repo to my sources.list and do an apt-get update/upgrade? Will that still modify the init.d script?

    EDIT: Actually, if I add yakumo's repo before installing the plugin, won't the plugin pick up the latest version from yakumo's repo?

    2) Download and manually install a proper copy of, or

    Do not download and use Ubuntu packages unless you know how to properly preserve and protect the the /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver script.

    Do you mean make a backup of the init.d script because installating the Ubuntu .deb package will overwrite that and then proceed with restoring that file? I have no problem doing that... :)

    OMV will not allow you to place the Plexmediaserver database on the OMV system drive, and for what I think might be a good reason. In my experience with Plex, and I don't consider my media collection to be all that large (about 4TB of movies and music albums), the plexmediaserver database alone has grown to the following:

    31.1GB made up of 222,841 files in 120,368 folders.

    In contrast, my OMV system drive is a tiny 30GB SSD and only 2.1GB of it is currently being used. I don't recall this being larger than when it was first installed six months ago.

    Looks like a good reason, didn't know it could grow like that... My system drive even smaller, 10GB. Everything else is reserved for /home; will place the folder there then. Thanks.

    I've installed openmediavault-plexmediaserver and I have 2 questions about this:

    • As soon as I launched Plex Media Server for the first time I was told there was a newer version available. How exactly do I update?

    • How can I pick the database location as being /var/lib/plexmediaserver? It forces me to pick a database volume as such it will place the database at /media/<volume-uuid>/plexmediaserver and I don't want that.


    I've been reading a little about it and seems to confusing to setup, unless you know what you are doing. Every guide I read had way too different commands to do things and unless I really understand what I'm doing, I might as well not mess things up (again). But seems like a nice and easy solution to use after the hassle of settings everything up.

    Maybe there's a similar solution - but easier to setup/use - that someone could share?

    Dunno what's happening then but with the default download managers repos (in the repos tab), only v1.2 was available. Disabling those and adding the stoneburner ones as custom repos solved it for me.

    I've installed NZBGet and so far so good :)

    Thanks for the plugin ;)