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    did you managed o get both cards visable to the webui?

    Im using a zyxel 540 and could configure both cards via putty.

    The second (egiga1) wont show up in webui although Im able to connect the omv system via the egiga1 card...


    Not had experience of this, but, it would suggest there's a drive issue or a controller problem, have done a search and one option would be to run mdadm --monitor /dev/mdX where X is the raid reference


    unfortunately I was busy with other things in the last days. Yesterday I entered the command per putty, it seems to be successful but without feedback in SSH. Since last night the RAID is clean now, but now another problem has appeared, the disks do not go into standby anymore. I had set 1 (spindown) with a time of 10 minutes (I use the server occasionally and then continuously), but unfortunately the spindown does not happen. Smart-value check is switched off and manually by hdparm -y the disks can be put into standby.

    Nope first mistake users make and with 8TB drives an even bigger one.

    Best way to this is to have one drive for data and second running rsync or rsnapshot creating a copy of the first, the sync can done overnight through scheduled jobs and run as regularly as you want. If you delete a file on your raid it's gone, if you delete a file on your data drive there's a chance it will be on the other.

    In my case the raid/nas is already a backup of my data... I managed now to recover my 4tb into the new 8tb drives but the arrey is still 4tb.

    Clicking "grow" in the RAID Panel shwos me a new window but there are no drives avaible to add - both drives are already in the raid arrey...

    Clicking "resize" in file systems does nothing...

    Ok, I manged it the way you told me. I thought using RAID 1 is the best way of having a backup because of the mirroring?

    Last thing is I need to incearse the size, but I saw stefan and geaves topics and will try them...

    If you continue to use RAID1 or not is up to you. I assume that you have very good reasons if you do? Using RAID1 instead of backups is a really, really bad reason.

    Hi Adoby,

    I dont know if I understood you right:

    All 4tb drives out of the nas and the two 8tb in it.

    Configure the new ones as a raid 1 and setup the mouts/shares?

    Put back the old working 4tb and restore it to the new raid/shares?

    Does restore means a special function in omv or just the copying via a computer?

    1. Make sure your backups are up to date.
    2. Replace the drives.
    3. Reconfigure OMV to use the new drives instead of the old.
    4. Restore the backup to the new filesystem.

    Alternatively, if you have no backups, consider the good 4TB drive to be the backup, and restore/copy data from that in step 4.

    It is faster to do a local restore/copy over SATA rather than over GbE.