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    Just to update this story, my son discovered that one of the drives had died. Initially he made the RAID run on the two remaining drives so that I could make a copy of everything, then we inserted a new NAS drive and the RAID5 is currently being rebuilt. The plan is to buy two more drives to replace the six-year-old ones (running continually since 30th July 2013) and then upgrade to version 4 - next visit!

    Thanks for all the useful input.

    I hear what you're saying crashtest, but he's a good son, way beyond needing help with tuition fees. He does live a long way away though and works a lot of hours, so it was great when he said he would come and have a look next weekend. New 2tb NAS drive and a 4tb HDD for my computer on order!

    I'm sure both crashtest and geaves are right, I'll just have to persuade my son that it's in his interests to have a look.

    I'll shut it down now as it appears that the age of the HDDs could well be the issue.

    Yes, I am accessing OMV from my Windows 7 PC. Although I can see the server and its top level partition there are three subdivisions I cannot see from the PC, so would not be able to backup the data to another drive.
    I have had the server running 24/7 with a weekly reboot for the best part of 7 years!

    Is there another way I could access the data? And would my old hardware be up to running OMV4 (it has 8mb of RAM)?

    Thanks for helping out.

    Many years ago my son set up for me one of the HP Proliant microservers running OMV version 0.4.38 Fedaykin. As well as the drive for the operating system this has three 2Tb hard drives set up in some sort of RAID array. This has run 100% reliably until now.
    I have used it for three main purposes, a receptacle for my PC backups, a store for my media files and as the data storage for all my correspondence, spreadsheets, family photos etc. Each task has its own sub directory. Although it appears to be working and I can still access the web admin interface, when it comes to my PC it reports that it is unable to connect my network drive. Looking on File Explorer, although the D drive cannot be opened, I can see Openmediavault and its top sub directory (Storage) in the Network section.
    From a mobile device using VLC I can browse folders and see media files but not play them.
    Unfortunately my son is not able to help me with this any time soon. Is there anything I can do, given my complete lack of knowledge of how OMV works, to restore the situation bearing in mind I do not want to do anything to risk losing the files on the server?