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    Thanks for the reply. It seems to have worked! Scratch that, it worked as long as I didn't connect an HDD. Once I do, the OS never comes alive (blue LED keeps on solid; no heartbeat). Removing the HDD doesn't help. It's as if the installation gets corrupted.

    I then chose Buster Server 4.14 and that worked. Either the "minimal" build is creating a problem or Kernel 5.4.

    Hi all, I just acquired an HC2 and this thread seems to contain all the steps required to perform an installation for OMV5, so thank you for that.

    I do have a question prior to starting - the recommendation is to use the Armbian Buster server image, but that one is on 4.14.y kernel while the Buster minimal is at 5.4.y kernel. Am I missing the right link to Buster server on a 5.4.y kernel?