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    I recently got a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and installed OMV. The OS is installed on a Micro SD card. I have connected a 1TB 3.5” disk to one of the USB3 ports with a externally powered SATA to USB3 enclosure.

    I have setup a SMB share, which works fine over the network. But the disk never spins down even when not used for hours. I have set “Advanced power management” to 1 – Minimum power usage, and Spindown time to 30 minutes (also tried lower values , but no difference). But regardless, whenever I check, I could hear the disk spinning, I even checked one early morning before I turned on any of my computers, so I'm sure no device was using the share at the time nor for the previous 6~8 hours.

    The same disk and enclosure powers down after idling on Windows 10.

    Any advice on how to make this disk spin down when not in use?