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    I lost my external on my RPI4 w/OMV5 and as of right now it did mount, but shared folders do not show. Running ls -lisa -R it shows all my files in /.lost-found/ . It seems RPI users are having a missing external HDD problem lately. It does the same thing on my RPI3 /OMV4.

    I lost my external HDD Thursday also. I did the update to Portainer and lost connection to the drive. Windows found it and so did Ubuntu, but only got error# 0 whenever I tried on OMV. OMV GUI showed the drive unmounted but would only get an error saying it was busy or mounted when I tried to mount manually. Reinstalled OMV, it saw the drive, wiped the drive and let me mount it. Installed Docker and the drive unmounted and showed the same error. Installed OMV on new SD card and did not do updates or install docker, used a brand new external HDD and drive was able to wipe and load shared folders . Did a restart and drive disappeared from disks and will not show on scan. Never had a problem till this happened.