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    Hello for now,

    I am new here :)

    I have no problem with OMV per se, but I need help with an external hard disk.

    I have mounted the hard disk and created a folder which I have shared via smb afterwards. In this folder I put files.

    Yesterday evening the Pi4 with OMV did not start anymore. I removed the hard disk and plugged it into my PC, but it is not mountable / readable under Windows (which is probably due to the file system (ext4)). Under Ubuntu the disk is shown to me as empty.

    I have reinstalled OMV and the disk could be mounted without any problems. According to OMV, 200GB are occupied by the 2TB, which is the amount of files stored. But the files are not shown here either, according to the "ls -l" command the disk is empty.

    Thank you very much for your help.