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    Not sure if it's related or not. I'm running OMV on a rock64 SBC with 4gb ram.

    I started noticing the issue today. For the short amount of time my board is online I noticed that portainer kept stopping. I quickly uninstalled it and then checked docker ps and docker stats both of which showing no containers running. Uninstalled docker and haven't had OMV be unreachable yet.

    Will report back any findings.

    Don't see reading the documentation on your list of actions taken :)


    It appears the big red warning on the homepage is my exact issue.

    When trying to follow the steps indicated to fix this issue I keep getting errors when attempting to unmount my shared folder.

    The following spoilers is the entire error code generated when trying to remove shares from services that use them so I can unmount and remount like instructed. (put into 3 separate spoilers due to character limit)

    The last few days have been an annoying rollercoaster. I started seeing issues buffering / glitching issues when watching movies from OMV. I did some research and felt the issue was my hard drive not being able to provide access to 2 - 3 4k streams at one time and prepared to move everything over to a better hard drive. In the process of doing too many things at once, I accidentally wiped my entire movie hard drive.

    Now that I no longer use that hard drive in OMV I can't seem to make it disappear from the dashboard. Unmounting won't work. I've turned off all services but hit an issue when trying to remove shares from services.

    The following Spoiler is the error(s) I am seeing when trying to remove the missing drives or remove a share that was attached to those missing drives.

    Things I've done to try and fix the issue:

    Manually editing /etc/fstab (of course didn't work)

    Reading over other posts here on the forum for answers

    Checking out the Github repo and issues posted there

    Shoving my head into a pillow and screaming

    Rocking myself in the corner while sobbing

    Recently updated and now seeing random reboots and portainer and other containers are not starting at boot. Docker shows running under omv-extras but not portainer. Not sure what is causing the random reboots.

    System changes made before issues started:

    Followed the instructions to fix not mounting hard drives…42#issuecomment-723968263

    followed by a system update > upgrade > dist-upgrade

    Any guidance would be appreciated as to what logs to start looking into.


    Rock64 board with Armbian 20.08.17 Buster & Linux 5.8.17-rockchip64.

    4 external hard drives connected via USB3.0 hub.

    Rather confused what to do here. Spent about 4 hours going through articles online and this forum but can't figure it out.

    I did update & upgrade & dist-upgrade. After rebooting 2 out of my 4 drives were not connecting on boot. OMV5 was showing these drives as "missing".

    I've checked /etc/fstab and it appears to be configured properly.

    I can manually edit /etc/fstab to get the drives to work temporarily but of course this is reset on reboot.

    I'm getting the same issue. I installed OMV-Extras via root like instructed. Whenever I install Docker it installs but then my DNS is messed up and I can't ping I have to uninstall Docker via omv-extras in order to do anything that would require outside connections (like pinging).


    What is the output of: /usr/bin/host

    jared@ROCK64:~$ /usr/bin/host
    ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached


    What is the output of:

    getent hosts && echo $?

    getent hosts && echo $?

    Nothing. Returns empty.

    Again. I uninstall Docker and reboot and then I can ping and use apt update, etc.

    Possibly related to the issue. After running OMV-Extras script whenever I toggle any of the options (Backports, Extras Repo, Testing Repo) and click save there is a long wait time and then ends with a communication error.

    Running Armbian 20.8.1 Buster on Rock64

    Version 5.5.12-1 (Usul)

    Kernel Linux 5.8.16-rockchip64

    UPDATE: I started poking around on the dashboard and was going to report back how my system was setup as far as network connections go. However, when I checked there were no longer any network connections under the network tab. I manually setup eth0 again and now seems like we are back in business. It appears Docker install via OMV-Extras is killing network connections for some odd reason.

    UPDATE: Appears to be stable. Docker and Portainer both running and able to add other containers.