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    So I'm again trying to set up this media server. I backed up and re started with portainer and just installed Sab, Radarr and Plex.

    I added a movie to Radarr, Sab found it and downloaded it but I couldn't find it. Using winSCP I found it here:

    This is where I want them to end up:

    and this is how I have it configured:

    It seems SAB is being created here with portainer and yacht rather than under the Config heading where all the other config files are.

    As it is Radarr and Sonarr can't see the download location to process and move to correct folder. If I move them to location where they should go the will process and then get into Plex.

    Can anyone see where I'm messing up?

    Ok worked on this some more today and I got my docker folder purged and then moved it off the OS disk.

    I rebuilt the stacks and seem to have all apps running. I even partially figured out where I was going wrong for the folder locations. I wasn't looking deep enough. I had to go to srv/ then select the appropriate drive then folder from there. Not intuitive to me.

    So now Sab has the correct download storage locations:

    sonarr makes the request, Sab downloads it but then i get the orange indication:

    but looking at the setting for the series location is the same.

    and its not moving to PLEX media location.


    Folder structureon SMB side is as follows"

    I am also having same issue with Radarr.

    Anyone want to take a stab at what I missing to get these up and running?

    I understand the change and re deploy part but I have some issues with the smb folders/shares . For instance the sab radarr sonarr connection. Sab works, gets the files .The files download but in radarr or sonarr I can't select correct location for the downloads to be moved into. The folder I was tcto store them in isn't available and I end up with orange alert saying no files are eligible for being moved. That's why I'm looking for someone to look at my folder structure and dockers to see how I goofed them up.

    Maybe it's the Union Fs merge causing problems.


    I have a word doc with scrreenshots of all my settings, shared PC folders and my stacks if someone could take a little time and see what I need to modify it would be very helpful. Just when I think I have it about right something won't work like I expect and I make a change ,update a stack and it just cause more issues. I've deleted these containers 3 or 4 times now but could use some more knowledgeable eyes to look at what i'm trying to do.


    Macom or Morlan, Can you elaborate on this please?

    If you want to start from scratch, delete the docker and remove the image.

    Also delete the config folder where the configuration of the docker is stored. Or use another folder for the config when setting up the new docker.

    I stopped the running containers and used docker prune -a to remove them. Is that all or is there more to be removed>

    I also don't understand still the need for the :/config at the end of the volume bind especially if I already have it going to /Config/radarr or /Config/sabnzbd.

    What does that do?

    - TZ=America/New_York

    - UMASK_SET=022 #optional


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SEA2TB/Config/radarr:/config

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/movies:/movies

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/Config/sabnzbd:/Downloads

    No please any thing you can suggest I will try. I have sine added a Config folder using a single drive and I now have all applications configs on that drive so progress is being made.

    but now Neither Radarr on Sonarr will import to plex location

    Can I un merge a single drive from my pool or do I have to delete whole thing and start over?

    Reason being is I'm having trouble wit adding dockers and I read that this:

    There are reports that the Docker container does not like to work well when its /config spread across the MergerFS pool. It is a good idea to keep the Docker containers’ /config to a single location or disk.

    So ths is my stack for Sonarr which works as it should. Moves files to either archived or current Tv show:


    version: 2.1



    image: linuxserver/sonarr

    container_name: sonarr


    - PUID=1000

    - PGID=100

    - TZ=America/New_York

    - UMASK_SET=000 #optional


    #- /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/config/sonarr:/config

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/media/tv:/archived TV shows

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/media/tv:/current TV shows

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/config/sabnzbd:/downloads


    - 8989:8989

    restart: unless-stopped

    and this is the stack for Radarr which doesnt move files properly. I am also having issues getting to the correct path when trying to tell radarr where to store movies


    version: 2.1



    image: linuxserver/radarr

    container_name: radarr


    - PUID=1000

    - PGID=100

    - UMASK_SET=000 #optional

    - TZ=America/New_York


    #- /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/config/radarr:/config

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/media/movies:/movies

    - /srv/04a3a5b2-c017-491d-adf3-dc6a121a4e88/config/sabnzbd:/Downloads


    - 7878:7878

    restart: unless-stopped

    So If I try and select a location( and it should be/media/movies) I cant navigate to it?

    I feel like its something simple i'm overlooking.

    This was supposed to be a simple project. HA!!

    Thanks again

    Hello all,

    I am new to OMV and Linux so go easy on me.

    I have dockers installed through Portainer for Sab, Radarr, Sonarr and plex. but Radarr isn't quite working correctly and I'd like to remove and re deploy to try and get the config file off of my system drive and onto my shared data folder. I used docker -prune to remove some before, but am not sure that's the correct command to remove ALL the files to be able to rebuild and move the config files to proper location.

    I'm also having problems understanding what permissions I need to give for all these to work together. (and permissions in general) I have one user with puid =1000 and pgid =100. which is correct for the user and that's what I've put in stack file.

    Should I have just created a home folder for user and made shared folders all under that home directory?

    Currently I have created shared folders of data , config , media but maybe that's not the correct structure. Sab goes and gets the files but there's a problem getting them after download and renaming and relocating to media/movies.

    Maybe this is too much for one post. I've been trying to read and work through it on my own but I've been banging away at if for a couple of weeks trying to learn.