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    I tried

    Write-cache enable

    read raw = yes

    write raw = yes

    Nothing helps. Write speed to USB3 1Tb ext4 hdd 2-10MB/s. Read - 85-115 MB/s

    Raspberry Pi 4 8 Gb raspiOS 64 bit. dd command shows write speed 78+ Mb/s

    Will look in future for better software. As I saw in this topic OMV is bugged soft and people can't find reasons why.


    I have different problem. Fast reading RP->PC (70-100) and slow writing PC->RP (8-20) by Samba. Results are the same with ntfs and ext4. There is Windows 10 on PC. Writing from 2 different SSD on PC sometimes can give a little faster speed (30-40) for a small moment.

    Reading from RP with WD20EZRX

    Reading from RP with WD40PURZ (NTFS) gaves 80-100.

    USB 3 cardreader (microsd 128gb u1 Samsung evo) in second usb 3 port has same problem.

    RP 4 4gb + original PU + cooling + 2020-08-20-raspios-buster-arm64 + clean OMV (wo torrents, dockers and other)

    microsd 32gb class 10 u1

    WD 2 or 4 tb 3.5 + ugreen SATA3-> USB 3 with external power unit

    Same HDDs gaves 110+ directly to PC through USB 3 adapter.