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    It seems the problem is resolved with the following:

    systemctl list-unit-files | grep “.mount”

    Then running:

    systemctl edit docker.service

    and then adding a wait-state for the disks to start with:


    in my case:


    Note the extra characters and the format...

    my mount is: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-13TB

    original at:

    Good morning everyone

    Every time I reboot my system, Portainer shows unknown images for my docker-containers. It is very random and I can not pin-point where the fault lays. If I then run "Duplicate/Edit" or "Recreate" with the latest image, the container seems OK, but will randomly happen all over again on reboot...


    This then leaves me with a bunch of unused images showing the release as "<none>":


    And after a reboot, it will randomly start again...


    How can I stop this behavior?

    kind regards


    As per the subject, is this beta? There is nothing in the file that identifies it as beta.

    If it is NOT beta, is there a way I can upgrade my current system to 5.0.5 without having to do a re-install?

    kind regards
    cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers)

    Yes, that is what I did, but there is one more step that everyone misses and that is to get RADARR and SICKRAGE on the same box. TRANSMISSION always stuffs it up when the files gets confused and mixed...

    THIS is what this thread is about, mixing trackers. AND THAT is what I got to work, granted by running it twice, but it works...

    ps - Did you even read the subject...?

    I have been struggling with the installation of SickRage and Radarr on the same machine and how to implement Transmission to manage trackers on the same OMV system. I now have a solution and wrote an entire blog-entry surrounding these issues and how to overcome them.

    Basically in a nutshell, if you run transmission on the same environment as SickRage and Radarr, you will get into the situation where a movie gets logged as a TV episode and vise-versa.

    To overcome this, I run two instances of Transmission on the same OMV machine, separating the watch, download, incomplete and complete folders. The drawback is that there will be two instances of Transmission running, but with today's technology should not be a problem.

    You can read more here: https://aubreykloppers.wordpre…ansmission-two-instances/

    kind regards and I hope the blog assists anyone struggling with the concept of running 2 transmission instances...

    Apache is a problem coming from 0.5, users still have them but disabled, a package upgrade of Apache does this wonderful thing....enable Apache... You can guess what happens next. Any user coming from 0.5 should be intermediate now, knowing this and removing the package, unless of course he felt the need of installing apache

    plear edit your,post sickbeard runs on his own web server, not Apache not ngnix.

    Just a bit of clarification:

    • I did not come from 0.5, but am on 1.19.
    • Apache started up by itself. My steps written was to get this system back up and running (After HOURS of sorting though mails and git-messages)
    • The change in timing also happened by itself...

    So, in a nutshell, no. I have just tested this on a VM with a snapshot of a week ago, and the same thing happened, so the steps are valid...

    kind regards

    kind regards cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers)

    Thank you taking the time to answer me, Miller.
    (It is great to hear/find someone taking the time to explain.)

    Just to clarify, I did not come from 0.5, but am on 1.19.

    kind regards
    cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers)

    A couple of things I found:

    • The Session Timeout of 0 is set back to 5.
    • /home/sickbeard/.sickbeard is no longer the home directory, it gets set to /var/opt/sickbeard, breaking the entire content-structure of SickRage.
    • For some reason apache2 gets started, breaking SickRage and giving an APACHE2 Default page when opening SickRage.
    • Restore of SickRage does not work, as the restore does not place the files in the now new home of /var/opt/sickbeard.

    This leaves me with a lot of questions regarding WHAT ELSE was broken/changed that the user does not realize?

    Fixing the upgrade abortion:

    • Initial apache2 problem:
      update-rc.d -f apache2 remove; service nginx restart

      This will give you the clean-slate SickRage page.

    • SickRage restore: To get this working, shut down sickbeard with
      service sickbeard stop


      cd /home/sickbeard/.sickbeard/backup


      mkdir temp; cd temp; unzip ../<your latest backup>


      mv -R * /var/opt/sickbeard

      and finally

      service sickbeard start

    What I would like to know:
    How are we going to fix this as it creates a HUGE problem for novice users?

    kind regards
    ps - Slating me because I criticize the poor upgrade documentation and roll-out will only prove the point that this was never tested on a stable environment...

    This is going to bite a couple of users in the arse! SickBeard and SickRage should come to the table and put out something official on this problem. The guys at SickRage just turned around in as many words saying it is a SickBeard problem...


    I got it to work 100% by:
    1. extracting the backup to a temp dir, cd to the dir.
    2. did a "cp -r * /var/opt/sickbeard/"
    3. "cd /var/opt/sickbeard/ && chmod -R 777 * && chown sickbeard:users -R *"

    System back as it should be (for now...)

    Further on this:

    ON OMV 1.9:
    I download the XTRA DEB, do the installation and get release 2.x of the plugin,
    I then restore the system to prior the installation , do the installation again and get 1.34???

    WHAT THE HELL? Am I doing this?


    I have tried this many ways and can not get this working.

    Installing from the xtras:

    2.1 - No GIT options to select once the sickrage plugin installed.

    1.9 - Kralizec plugin - Fails dismally
    1.9 - Sardaukar plugin - works sometimes

    Is there a "special" way to get SickBeard installed and configured (either in OMV 2.1 or 1.9)? The installation should be easy, but fails, fails, fails...