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    Microsoft has totally busted SMB/CIFS. I have tried every conceivable combination from everywhere on this forum or the web and SMB is DOA!

    Which means OMV is useless on a Windows network.

    What can the OMV developers do to fix this?

    Or is there another option, like, NFS?

    I am not a newbie but this one has me stumped.

    One other tidbit: I have an old ThinkPad that is running Win 10 Pro V 1909 and it works perfectly.

    This just should be this hard.

    kaosken (and, yes, it is pronounced chaos)

    I am on my 3rd rebuild of OMV 5.n. Nothing I do allows a network connection to an OMV shared folder.

    I have turned OFF SMB 1.0 as OMV 5.n uses SMB 2.0-3.0

    I have created OMV users same as Win 10 (cams and passwords)

    I have tweaked registry all to now avail. Checked FireWall, etc.

    I can SEE the RPi OMV device but can't get to the shares. I have even tried using WINS.

    And, the OMV IP and Hostname are in the hosts file.

    I get a Win 10 error 35 or it hangs.

    And, now, with 128bit and password turned off it crashes File Explorer.

    But, OMV works great on my Android Note 10. Totally polite...

    Microsoft broke the product, probably deliberately as they want everyone to use the Microsoft cloud, not your own.

    If anyone comes up with a solution please post.

    OMV worked great on my Win 10 Home PC pre version 20H2.


    Everything working splendidly on my first install of OMV 5 on RPi. The only thing that did not work was Date/Time and there was no TimeZone selection for LA.

    Finally set my router to use and also found a Timezone for US/Pacific. Don't know or care which fixed it but now everything working.

    Finally, I would like to complement those who put OMV together. Just plain bloody works.

    I will be doing a large projuct soon and see not reason not to use OMV.