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    Hello, native language is german and my knowledge about linux is...there is some knowlegde. :|

    I'm a proud owner of an helios64 NAS. In the beginning of the year i guess it was a good investment and price. I know it was OpenSource and a lot of possibilitys to do a lot of things with this Server. Now, it's running. Plex works perfectly and OMV too. I've installed docker and portainer and it works. So i was a little bit proud of me :rolleyes:

    And the problems began...

    I've want to give access to my brother who lives some Kilometers away. I've installed and DNS-Service but the main problem was a possibility to install an http server like apache. Because of OMV use Port 80 too.

    Second problem was the ARM64-Architecture i guess. I tryed to install some file manager like krusader on docker. It doesn't work. Only thing i get installed was DoubleCommander. Nice programm, but i have to start it by hand everytime on ssh. That's not very userfriendly.

    Please be patient with me...i've learned a lot the last days and my wife hates me sitting in front of the monitor and didn't play with the kids...